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SFCMS Media Center Rules

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Mary Potter

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of SFCMS Media Center Rules

Seventy-First Classical Middle School
Media Center
Rules & Expectations
Please respect the speaker.
Keep up with your books.
Please show respect to one another.
Please respect the atmosphere of the Media Center
Please respect all library equipment.
Computer Use
Please take care of library books.
Enter the Media Center quietly and have a seat as as close to the SmartBoard as possible.
If you have a book to return, please place it in the book return slot on your way to your seat.
When you visit the Media Center for a lesson, all students will have time for book checkout after the lesson.
Please do not speak to your neighbor while the librarian, teacher, or another classmate is presenting to the class.
If you have a question, would like to add to the discussion, or if you need assistance, please raise your hand and wait to be called upon.
Do not ask to use the restroom unless it is an EMERGENCY!
No eating or drinking in the library.
No gum or candy in the library.
Take care of books so that others can use them.
Take care of all computer equipment, especially our laptops!!
Proper checkout procedure
Students must provide their planner barcode or lunch number at the time of checkout.
If you find a book in the wrong place or change your mind about checking out a book and do not know where it belongs, place the book in the book return so that it can be shelved in the right place.
Please do NOT leave books on the checkout counter, on the tables, on the floor, or stuck on a random shelf.
After the lesson and book checkout is complete, students may have time to read magazines, use an available computer, do homework for another class, or play chess, but this is not guaranteed.
Your visit to the Media Center should not be utilized as an opportunity for socializing.

Every student and adult in the Media Center should expect and receive respect from those around him or her.
The Media Center is a Bully-Free Zone, as is all of SFCMS.
Quiet conversation is allowed in our Media Center when there is not a lesson or presentation being shared because learning requires the sharing of ideas and knowledge. However, please keep your voices to a minimum so as not to disturb others in the library trying to read, work, and think.

Materials and Equipment
Students are required to bring their planner whenever they visit the Media Center.
Students may check out up to two books (6th graders) or three books (7th and 8th graders) at a time unless your teacher indicates otherwise.
Books may be borrowed for 28 days (4 weeks).
Books can be renewed once, and students can renew their books without bringing them to the library.
Students with overdue books will not be allowed to checkout new books until the late books are returned or the cost of their replacement is paid in full.
Students are charged fines at the rate of $0.05 per book, per school day.
All overdue and lost books fees must be paid by the end of the school year to avoid delay of the end-of-year report card.
Computers may be used on a first-come, first-served basis.
Computers may be used for searching the online catalog, for visiting Edmodo, for class assignments, and for educational research.
Computers may NOT be used to play games or to visit social media sites (excluding Edmodo).
Always have clean hands when you read.
Avoid eating or drinking when reading your library books.
Keep books away from small children, pets, and liquid.
Don’t try to fix your damaged books – let us do it.
Always use a bookmark or piece of paper to hold your place. Do not fold the page corners, place the book face-down, or use a pencil as a bookmark.
Respect the speaker.
We only have one copy of most of our titles.
It is very frustrating to read several books in a series only to find one of the books has been lost and is unavailable.
Don’t let anyone borrow your book. Your books are your responsibility.
If you move, return your books to the library before you leave or give them to the librarian at your new school.
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