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10 Things About Me

10 things about me

Ashley Fialko

on 31 August 2010

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Transcript of 10 Things About Me

Salem Talem 1. i LoVe To DRaW 2. i aM oBSeSSeD WiTH MuSiC I have too many favorites to list and its impossible to list them all so i will list the kinds of music i like. MeTaL, HeaVy MeTaL PuNK RoCK 60'S aND 70's RoCK 'N RoLL TeCHNo CLaSSiCal BaSiCaLLy aNyTHiNG But CRaP (RaP) aND JaZZ 3. My FaMily 2 CHriSTMaSeS aGo iN oRDeR FRoM LeFT To RiGHT: BRiaN (KaReN'S HuBBy) Me KaReN (My SiSTeR) SaNTa (Not aPaRT oF My FaMILy MaDDy (My NeiCe, KaReN'S DauGHTeR) NiNa (My SooN-To-Be MoM) PaPa (My SooN-To-Be-DaD) 4. i'M iN FoSTeRCaRe i HaVe BeeN iN FoSTeRCaRe SiNSe i WaS 12 yeaRS oLD. i HaVe LiVeD iN 6 DiFFeReNT HoMeS. 5. i aM iN THe MiDDLe oF BeiNG aDoPTeD i aM iN a HouSe THaT FeeLS MoRe LiKe a HoMe. i LoVe My FaMiLy. i CaN Be MySeLF HeRe 6. i WaNT To Be a NeuRoLoGiST 7. My FaVoRiTe aNiMaL iS a LLaMa
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