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Mineria en Veladero en San Juan

No description

victoria eiza

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Mineria en Veladero en San Juan

synonym of prosperity for some,
Poverty for others:
The impact of Veladero
in San Juan Ma. Paula Rodriguez Ortega & Ma. Victoria Eizaguirre Student Research Centre 2012 Economic Problem
No progress seen visibly in San Juan regardless of the location of a high prestige mining company Further questions:
Who is to blame for these irreversible
damages and indiscriminate theft?
Is the Barrick or the government
who allows this to happen? Conclusion Hypothesis Social Legal framework Environmental Impact on:
natural resources
economy "Enclave Economico":
Way of exploiting developing countries
High technology and skilled labour
Found in boundaries between countries "When looking at the impact of mining in the province of San Juan our hypothesis is that the mining project Veladero which started working in the year 2005, does not benefit the population of San Juan, but instead destroys it." 1997 2010 2002 Mining Treaty: Chile and Argentina 1984 “Treaty of Pace
and Friendship” Guidelines for Mining and
Sustainable Development 2005 Barrick arrives at Veladero 2008 Glaciers Law veto by Cristina Kirchner Glaciers
Law approval 1995 Mining
Code cons (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Areas for improvement
regular monitoring of land, water and soil
spill prevention measures
Waste management programme
Wildlife and Habitat stewardship PROS Water pollution (cyannide and arsenic)
Pollution and melting of Glaciers
Use of explosive materials
Ilegal discharge of waste The cons outweight the pros, causing: irreversible effects on the environment and
health issue problems (lead, mercury, arsenic). 47.6% of the exports = mining activity => 60% 712.6 million dollars from gold exports 5% retained by the government = 100 million dollars a year / 5.000 in agricultural sector + ROYALTIES = 3% of income ≠ 12% in petrol GDP 20% SOCIAL Employment: Pressure Groups Health: Unemployment = 8%
No change with the location of Barrick
Most of the jobs are indirect diarrheas water pollution
other types of cancer  Fundación Ambientalista Sanjuanina (F.A.S.)
 Fundación Ciudadanos Independientes de San Juan (F.U.C.I.)
 Comisión por la Vida contra la Contaminación Minera
 Fundación para la Defensa del Ambiente (FUNAM)
 Autoconvocados de San Juan Greenpeace blockade to Barrick 1.20 a 1. 48 Is the money left by the company in taxes and royalties enough to pay for the environmental damages and health problems caused? Can money compensate for the irremediable damages done to our environment? The mine has a lifetime of fourteen years, up to what point the financial short term benefits outweigh the long term damages that the mine leaves in our country? videos Advertisement against mining Experiment Experiment Photographs
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