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Nathalie Bertin

No description

Evelyn W

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Nathalie Bertin

Aboriginal Artist
Indigenous Peoples
Indigenous people are those who lived in places such as Canada before the Europeans arrived. They have historical ties to their land.The Indigenous people of Canada have always used art as a form of expression. It is often used to reflect the oppression that the aboriginal peoples have been put though.
Nathalie Bertin
Hailing from Toronto, Ontario Nathalie Bertin describes herself as, ”An artist with interests in Canadian, First Nations and Metis culture and history.” In 2009 she began publicly showing her artwork in various places. She is a part of the Indigenous people and has spoken at an exhibition made for the native group.
This painting is of a Canadian Landscape. It doesn't necessarily say where but it is predicted to be somewhere in the Canadian Shield because of the forests and shape of the land.
In this painting there is an Aboriginal women reading a book whilst cuddling a bear. The painting uses one specific range of colours to illustrate the mood of the piece and has a very pretty flower design on the side.
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