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Caring Hands

No description

Steven Dampier

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of Caring Hands

Partnership working invovles different organisations working together to help provide good quality help for all services and service users to help them live their life. We work closely with mental health and acute NHS Trusts, probation and prison services, social workers. We work together to provide the best care for everyone who suffers with mental health, we specliase in different areas and when we come together it makes a difference. We work closely with social services and communcate with them to make sure all service users can talk to well trained and experienced people about the issues and struggles they have. Its a slow but affective process for everyone so we all work together to support eachother and give eachother new ideas and new knowledge.
Partnership Working
Multi-Agency Working
We all need to make sure we are providing the best possible care for everyone that needs it across the UK. We are monitored by the care quality commission to make sure we are doing all what we can to be professional and strive to be the best. Everyone deserves to enjoy their care and feel like they have good relationships with everyone aswell as their families. we make sure we have the right treatment, care and support provided by hospitals, GPs dentists, ambulances and mental health services. We support services for adults in care homes and in people's own homes (both personal and nursing care) and services for people whose rights are restricted under the Mental Health Act.

Role of care quality Commisson
Working in partnership with adults, using services, families and informal carers.
Caring Hands
Specliased in Mental Health Care
We strive to perform the best quaility care making good decisions and making sure everyone has a say especially the person recieving the care. We want all our service users to feel happy and at home when they are in our care so they dont feel like there isolated from everyone else. We decide to make written plans for all our service users to keep up to date with their care either if they have achieved something they have never been able to do; for example talking about their problems to dealing with their anger.
Decision making, process and forums
Staff training and induction
multi agency working is a benefit to all our service users because it provides early identification of any issues and intervention easier or quicker access to services, improved achievement in education and better engagement in education and from their parents, better quality services and reduced need for longer-term or more specialist services. We all share the responsibility to safeguard children and protect them from harm. If you have any concerns for any of the children and young people you come into contact with, that they may be at risk of harm or experiencing any form of abuse. For example we can contact the NSPCC for safeguarding advice or any of ways that would help improve that persons health. It is important that we share information with other agencies and get them invovled to help them imediately. We have multi agency meetings to share Common Assessment information (with the consent of the young person/family) so it can be analysed and understood.

Friends and family are invovled in our work so that all the service users feel like there at home and are comfortable within their setting. We all help eachother improving the health for everybody in our care providing new ideas and putting in action what the service user wants out of their care so they are able to enjoy it. it provides more independence for that service user so when they feel confident enough to not need constant care they will be able to do so.
Caring hands provides good, up to date knowledge about everyone in their care. We make sure all our service users and health professionals have good professional relationships so service users trust us to talk about whatever they want to talk about. we make sure all out health professionals are up to date with any training to provide the best quality care.
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