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Innovating with Drupal: From Static Website to Dynamic Communications Tool

How we Rethought and Rebuilt our Library Website (And Even Laughed), TRY Conference, University of Toronto, April 27th, 2010.

Rochelle Mazar

on 31 January 2011

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Transcript of Innovating with Drupal: From Static Website to Dynamic Communications Tool

Innovating with Drupal From Static Website to Dynamic Communications Tool Vision Functional
Specifications Survey Says Website Tour Lessons Learned Why Drupal? Reference Source Communication Tool 80% of the time, of students find what they're looking for Main Page on the Undergraduates Expose our resources Find an available computer 92.5% Report noise or problems to staff online 92.2% Easily search the key resources in their program/major 95.3% Online help with Blackboard 85.3% University of Toronto Mississauga Library Catalogue, Scholars Portal Search boxes on every page. Today's hours. Latest news, events, and announcements appear on the site via Twitter. Tweets also appear on the digital signage. Link to Study Room Booking application. This meebo widget appears on nearly all the website's pages. Chat reference questions went up over 500% when the website launched. Students can monitor how many laptops are available for loan. This widget is updated every 2 minutes. We can import content from other sites directly onto ours with our RSS parser. We make extensive use of blogs on our site... without using the word blog. "Promos" are updated throughout the term to reflect the most common student questions. We use the same icons on the website and the digital signage. social media platform accessibility flexibility open source popular in the library community integrated RSS large number of available modules focus on Faculty vs. student needs 637 views Photo by Hopkinsii, Flickr share informal
communication Create a digital
culture There's so much we didn't mention... including our resources human Check library hours content management system 79.7% 87.8% Find past exams subject pages FAQ staff directory labstats permissions staff training navigation site search Google Scholar pages for faculty iframes, content pages, landing pages body builder social media policies Creative Commons project management Surveys & interviews data Functional Specs prioritized home page priorities Importance & potential of RSS & blogs Communication channels RSS to digital signage Flexible design coded sorted analyzed Check out our site! library.utm.utoronto.ca Thank you! active development community Susan Senese with help from Luke Barber We offer giving Students Reference Desk Staff & A Place to Start. for every discipline Subject Pages Before... After! our website Rochelle Mazar
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