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Violence against Journalist

No description

Martinka Mikulcikova

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Violence against Journalist

presentation in the media

journalists vs.
journalists fatalities
COM 101
Monday, April 28, 2014
How are journalists' deaths and violence against them portrayed by the media?
Violence against Journalists
...re by MEDIA

Arnela Hodzic

Hannah Robinson

Lucia Trombi

Martina Mikulcikova

Nicole Fersko
Thank you for your attention
Sources used:






“growing anti-Western sentiment among Afghans had become increasingly apparent on the streets of Kabul”

“Denouncing the Taliban and the West with equal vehemence. “Down with America...”
News presented the death as a tool to impose the idea that the war is inconsequential and wasteful because the western ‘help’ is viewed just as harshly as the Taliban.

Supports pulling troop out of Afghanistan; uses this death as a way of presenting the idea.
“‘in this attack, the Taliban deliberately and ruthlessly targeted civilians, shooting women and innocent children around the dinner table,'”
“‘Talented’ and 'charming' journalist”

Demonstrating the need ruthlessness of Taliban, and perhaps fear-mongering in public to elicit a response they wish for; namely continued military presence
"The killer, identified as Second Lieutenant Naquibullah,”

“Shot at point blank range”
This presentation was created for the Mass Communication and Society class at the American University of Rome.

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