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No description

Jeremy Glen

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of SORRELLI

Sorrelli was started in 1983 by Lisa Oswald
The company is based out of Kutztown, PA and recently opened a new location in Montclair, NJ.
Their mission is “to create beautiful jewelry and bring enjoyment to those who wear it”
Web Strategies
Sorrelli 5-Year Location Timeline
Sorrelli Branding Strategies
In Conclusion. . .
We believe in the brand that Sorrelli has built and we are passionate about your future. Sorrelli and Quattro Consulting will create a beautiful team.

Executive Summary
Sorrelli = Growth!

“How can Sorrelli aggressively grow the retail division of their business both online and in-store in a sustainable and strategic way?”
Industry Analysis
The Industry is Growing
- Competitors

Consumer Trends in Costume Jewelry


Sorrelli's Target Market
"Affordable Luxury"
SWOT Analysis



Peddler's Village
Outdoor shopping destination featuring unique shops, restaurants, lodging, specialty food stores, and salons

Hosts 1.5 million visitors annually

Bucks County has a population of approximately 627,053

The median income for Bucks County is $76,019

Hoboken, New Jersey
There is over 50 stores downtown which would bring in an enormous amount of foot traffic for their customers

The estimated household income of a Hoboken resident is averaged at $103,000

The average age range for Hoboken is 30-33 years of age
Hershey, Pennsylvania
City built on tradition and family values, appeals to the feeling of heritage within the Sorrelli brand

Attracts consumers with hotels, shops, and Hershey Park attractions

Area had one of the highest sales potentials of the Luxury Priced Product Market in 2012
Social Media
Currently, Sorrelli takes part in the four major social media organizations: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Marketing efforts should be focused to increase popularity on Instagram and Pinterest.

Sorrelli can gain followers by using popular “hash tags” with links to giveaways, or "regramming" to increase views.

Significant amount of potential in expanding into the male accessory market in the future

First establishing the line by re-purposing pieces already created by Sorrelli

By re-purposing existing pieces, Sorrelli will be able to maximize profits while minimizing financial output for materials.

Increase in Men's Jewelry sales drove growth in jewelry sector after the recession

Sorrelli Sparkle Soiree
Sorrelli pieces are a part of so many special occasions, so
why not make them the centerpiece of a special occasion?

The Sorrelli space can be reserved as the location for your next big celebration

From a sales standpoint, this type of event will increase sales while creating return customers
In-Store Workshops
Creating a workshop would allow customers’ existing and new, to visit Sorrelli and see how pieces are created

Customer contests involving designing a piece of jewelry that will be created during the workshop
Interactive Try-On

Seeing pieces on is found to increase purchase potential

Personal Shopper

Provides online shoppers with the same sales experience as in-store
Pocono Mountains Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Main Street
Fairfield, Connecticut
Area incorporates upper middle class families, suburban/rural coastal living, and provides a diverse shopping experience

Locations of interest include, The Bellarmine Museum of Art, The Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts, and the Greenfield Hill Historic District.

magazine ranked Fairfield the ninth “Best Place to Live” in the United States, and the "Best Place to Live" in the Northeast.
Considered one of Pennsylvania’s most popular tourist destinations

Area had one of the highest sales potential of the Luxury Priced Product Market in 2012

Attracts consumers with recreational activities such as shopping, skiing, racing, gambling, camping, tourism, and a casino
Sorrelli Challenge
Jeremy Glen
Eva Kimmerly
Aron King

Men's Line
Tie Tacks, Cuff-Links, Wrist Wear, Time Pieces, Rings, and Earrings
Sparkle Girl Brand Ambassador
Sorrelli features a Brand Ambassador currently referred to as the
“Sparkle Girl".

Creates awareness of the brand and shows how pieces can be worn by all women of all ages

Increase presence of Sparkle Girls on Social Media and hold contests to increase interest in being a part of this prestigious group
Objectives and Strategies
Provide suggestions to help you aggressively grow your business in a sustainable way
1. 5-year Location Plan
2. Branding Strategies
3. Website Strategies
Thank You
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Revenue Goals

30-33% Overall growth per year
By 2018 = $7.5 Million
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