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Study Skills and Time Management

No description

Katherine Bush-Glenn

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Study Skills and Time Management

Study Skills and Time Management
Where to Study?
Some things to consider in choosing where to study:
Can you concentrate for a solid 30-40 minutes in your study area? Are people likely to disrupt or interrupt you?
Do you listen to music or watch TV while studying?
Pick a consistent place.

Study Skills
How do you study?
In groups?
Re-writing notes?
What works best for you?
Time Management
You have to plan your time...you have a lot going on!!
Make use of free time during the day...don't slip back into high school mode and try to do everything after 5:00pm.
Space your study periods out.
Plan study periods after class when your mind is already engaged.
Leave some flexibility in your schedule!
Study at the same times every day.
Time Management-Cont.
Everyone has the same amount of time available: 168 hours/week.
How will you utilize that time?
Make daily to-do lists and prioritize those lists.
Learn to say NO!
Use waiting time between classes to review notes, read, use flash cards, etc.
How much time should you spend studying each day/week?
a normal amount is 2 hours for every hour in class (If a class is 5 credits, then 10 hours/week)
Some classes may take more effort!
Study Skills
SQ3R Reading/Study System:
SURVEY ­– Gather the information necessary to focus and formulate goals
QUESTION – Help your mind engage and concentrate
READ - Fill in the information around the mental structures you've been building
RECITE - Retrain your mind to concentrate and learn as it reads
REVIEW - Refine your mental organization and begin building memory
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