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Being Jonas Michanek

Föreläsning om kreativitet och innovation

Jonas Michanek

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Being Jonas Michanek

The Age of Creativity
Why Do We Need Creativity
and Innovation?
6 Trends that Change the Way We Work
Ideas = $$$
Knowledge Society 2.0
"Outinnovate instead of outcompete"
The force of Design
The final stage of Maslow
Brain coaching
What is Idelaboratoriet?
What is a great idea?
The Five Phases of Ideation
What is Creative Space?
Innovation Strategy
The International Innovation Beauty Contest
Being Jonas Michanek
The Universe of Creativity and Innovation

Open innovation
User driven innovation
Disruptive innovation
Creative Class
What is an idea culture?
”We are particularly impressed by Sweden’s ability to combine open and transparent government, universal social protections, and high levels of competitiveness and productivity to create one of the most innovative economies in the world. Equally impressive is the extent to which an excellent policy framework has turned the private sector into the main engine of innovation.”

Innovation Capacity Index rankings 2009–2010
Innovation For Development 2009
Measuring Innovation
Input - Process - Output
Innovation Management
From Drugs to Innovation!
- the worlds' most innovative city
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