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Lighten up your path... DRAGONS DEN PROJECT by Arjun Patheja

Arjun Patheja

on 25 January 2012

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Transcript of Illumivision

Finance Market
Research Features LIGHTEN UP YOUR PATH... Conclusion From our Market Research, we have
found that the majority of the public will go for our new idea
...ILLUMIVISION. In our product we wanted
to incorparate new and
unique ideas to catch
interest, whilst sticking
to our product purpose. To recieve feedback on our product, we have made a questionnaire, of which we have customised in order to gain input that was useful, and constructive criticism we could develope on. PRODUCT Welcome to our Dragon's Den Project. We have been asked to invent a product which focuses on a gap in the market and that is what we have achieved. Our product is a new road sign, a road sign which is well lit, enviromentally friendly, with a range of uses which will not dissapoint. The evolution of road signs start here. by
Arjun Patheja
Ryo Jones
Kelvin Seah
Kapish Amin We used Google Sketch to
deliever a clear image
of what we are aiming for and
what our ambitions are. Our
choice of software
complimented our product greatly It will be solar paneled,
with an ldc screen.
Split into two, the screen will
display not only the road
name, but the weather
and news flash etc, to. Several pricing
strategies could be
used in this instance, Strategy As for the finances of our product, we have gathered information of the prices for components we need for our product. By gathering this information, we were able to formulate our cash flow forecast. In our cash flow forecast, we have included information on power, maintainence, delivery, patency, etc. As there are already other companies in the market already producing road signs, we have chosen to break into the market with the 'cash plus pricing' technique. The reason for this is because our product is more unique to the market and is more exclusive and advanced. As for the implementation of our product, we are aiming to see it being used in the city centres, and used in big cities as a form of information board for tourists visiting the area, and possibly locals. From our graphs we found that the majority of the public favoured us, this was a good sign that we were in the right direction. We hope that our product will hit the market running, from our market research, we predict the public will benefit from the product. Seeing that the olympics is coming up, lots of new tourists are coming, who will not be familiar with the area, hence they will need road signs to guide them to places. We used our market reseacrh effeciently to find the aspects of our product which could be improved on, but the aspects which were accepted by the public were kept the same. Seeing as we used our market research well, and that the olympics is coming, I reckon our product will slot perfectly into the gap we have found in the market. THANK YOU Break-Even
Graph To expand the financial perspective of our
proposal we have created a break even chart.
The purpose of this chart is to
identify the amount of stock we have to sell in
order to break even above our costs.
We established this by calculating the revenue and
comparing it to our costs.
The precise dot shows the amount of money we
have to make and the stock we need to sell
inorder to break even
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