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Pablo Neruda prezi

No description

Steven Baker

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Pablo Neruda prezi

Understanding Pablo Neruda's...
"Verbo"! By ,
Chad Frymire
Steven Baker
Michael Richardson
Hiro! The meaning of "Verbo" In Michael's poem he uses examples from history to connect with the audience and portray similar ideas as Pablo Neruda with the idea of meaningless words and how our generation throws words around without understanding the meaning behind them. "Laughter is the language of the soul" -Pablo Neruda Born Ricardo Eliezer Neftali Reyes y Basoalto
Made Pen name after Jan Nerudo a Czech Poet
12 July 1904- 23 September 1973
Born and raised in Chile
1971 Won the Noble Peace Prize for Lit.
Communist Party Senator
Wrote variety of styles such as, historical epics, surrealist poems and love and despair poems. "Verbo" by Pablo Neruda

Voy a arrugar esta palabra,
voy a torcerla ,
es demasiado lisa,
es como si un gran perro o un gran río
le hubiera repasado lengua o agua
durante muchos años.

Quiero que en la palabra
se vea la aspereza,
la sal ferruginosa
la fuerza desdentada
de la tierra,
la sangre
de los que hablaron y de los que no hablaron.

Quiero ver la sed
adentro de las sílabas:
quiero tocar el fuego
en el sonido:
quiero sentir la oscuridad
del grito. Quiero
palabras ásperas
como piedras vírgenes. Pablo Neruda The poem speaks about the loss of action, the loss of the strength of words. A verb is an action; it represents the fact that something is being done. Neruda is able to convey this idea through vivid similes along with a tone of disappointment. Humanity's Ignorance by Michael Richardson

YOLO...a generation of idiots,
Born around a disintegrating shadow of power;
What was the power behind "We the People"
Has now spoiled and turned rotten
To a hallowing voice of, "I want that, I love that, I need that."

Oh how humanity will sag, cripple, and beg in the end,
All for a power they gave up
And could have been prevented
By saying, "I write well" or "ten items or fewer",
Instead of the interminable gurgle of " I write good and 10 items or less",
That leads to ignorance of the blind leading the blind.

Perhaps ignorance is best and humanity can truly be at peace,
Then again, it was ignorance that created the gulags and the gas chambers.
It may be that intelligence creates destruction,
But it is ignorance that pulls the trigger,
Cascading into a nuclear blast,
Consuming all of humanity who simply asks, "That bad?"

For now humanity lingers on with its bloodied eyes,
Incapable of seeing the death that awaits it.
Perhaps humanity will change.
Perhaps it will learn from its mistakes.
Or perhaps humanity's tears of joy will be as shallow as its grave. Re-created poem FIN
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