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all about James cameron adams

No description

Library Media

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of all about James cameron adams

all about James cameron adams
I have a lot of freinds but my best freinds are Jesus and God.I would love to be freinds with everybody but some can be mean and some can be nice but I still like everybody.Mostly everybody likes everyone but some dont and that is sad.But god made him.
My favorite color is pink.I also like orange blue and green and yellow.My 2nd favorite color is black and white.The colors I do not like are brown purple and rusty brown.But still every color looks good in something.
my favorite sport is basketball.But really my 2nd favorite sport is baseball and football.I have been to a hokey game with my family grandparents and with my uncle and my cousin.I also love to watch my brother play soccer and watch him play basketball.My little brother can do it behind his back.It is awesome.
The pepole I praise are Jesus God and my mom and dad.The reason why praise in becuase my parents help you learn how you should act to pepole and the reason why I like Jesus and God is because they made me and they help everyone to be safe.
Who i praise
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