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Workshop Sessions

No description

David Adkins

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Workshop Sessions

Session Topics: Hosting video
Linking video to agendas
Video tagging techniques
Playing video from your agendas Using Video Presenter: Ari Ioannides Going Beyond Text to Share Your Story Breakout Sessions Session Topics: The growth of social media use
Trends toward monitoring and control
Getting stakeholders engaged with social media
Techniques for effective use
Social media examples Leveraging Presenters: Ari Ioannides, To Engage Stakeholders Social Media Dr. Richard Clapp Frequently Asked Presenters: David Adkins, Support Questions Howard Stetson Session Topics: Web editing vs. word processing
Formatting for an online agenda presentation
Common content editing tools
Using templates to standardize content display
Incorporating images and links into your online agendas Formatting Presenter: David Adkins It's Easy! Documents Key Considerations Web editing is not exactly like word processing 1 The rules of engagement are different
Web content can be very dynamic
Some things, like tabs, simply don't translate
Still other things are easier to do on the Web
It's often more effective to type content directly rather than copy and paste Simple formatting is often better 2 Consider simplifying the way you format and present content
Settle on one standard font
Using plain text can result in simpler, more manageable HTML Practice will make you better 3 Formatting for the Web becomes simpler with practice
You can create beautiful, easily readable content if you understand both the benefits and limitations of HTML
You don't have to be a programmer to be successful! Session Topics: Techniques for organizing a library
Options for creating, editing and deleting library items
Organizing a packet with library items, policy items and agendas The Library and Presenter: Dawn Adams Giving Stakeholders Exactly Welcome Packet What They Want Session Topics: Managing your BoardDocs site
Option categories and settings
Managing user accounts Managing the Presenter: David Adkins Operation of Your With Option Settings BoardDocs Site Session Topics: Publishing methods
Meeting creation techniques
Meeting management
Adding sructure to meetings
Creating and editing content
Managing attachments
Managing the meeting state
Meeting and agenda options Getting Started with Presenter: Martha Crook Publishing and Formatting Paperless Agendas for Beginners Session Topics: Organizing policies
Creating and editing policy content
Managing the policy status
Procedure for superseding a policy
Increasing accessibility to policies Integrating Presenter: Dennis Rohlfing To Maximize Effectiveness Polcies and Transparency Session Topics: Generating meeting minutes automatically
Pasting minutes from a document
Editing minutes documents
Presenting minutes for approval
Releasing minutes to the public Minutes Presenter: Dennis Rohlfing Automatic or Manual, the Choice is Yours! Session Topics: Setting up for online submission
Saving draft and template items
Submitting, approving and rejecting items
Restarting the approval process
Publisher options Collaborative Presenter: Dawn Adams Document Publishers Need Agenda Production Help Too! Session Topics: Adding goals to your library
Enabling tracking
Assigning goals to agenda items
Viewing assigned goals
Monitoring progress and generating reports Goal Tracking Presenter: Dawn Adams Following the Progress of Strategic Plans Meeting Control Session Topics: Setting up to use the Meeting Control Panel
Starting the meeting and taking roll
Displaying the meeting to an audience
Using the timer
Recording comments and votes
Viewing content during the meeting
Concluding the meeting Meeting Control Panel Setup: Assign the Moderator role to the person who will be running the MCP 1 2 Assign the person who will be running the MCP as the active moderator in the Meeting Control options and set other options as desired 3 Make sure the meeting that you intend to run is both Active and Current Presenter: Dennis Rohlfing Getting the Most from Panel Your Meetings Session Topics: Common support questions
Helpful tips and best practices for more effective use of BoardDocs Location: Bronze Room Location: Bronze Room Gold Room Location: Location: Bronze Room Location: Gold Room Location: Gold Room Location: Silver A Room Location: Silver A Room Location: Silver A Room Location: Silver B Room Location: Silver B Room Location: Silver B Room Option Settings 1:15 - 2:15 Thursday, September 6th 2:30 - 3:30 Getting Started (2) 3:45 - 4:45 Goal Tracking Meeting Control Panel Leveraging Social Media Getting Started (1) Minutes Collaborative Agendas Using Video Library and Welcome Packet Integrating Policies Formatting Documents (Gold) (Silver A) (Silver B) (Bronze) (Gold) (Silver B) (Bronze) (Silver A) (Silver A) (Gold) (Silver B) (Bronze) Using Video 8:45 - 9:45 Friday, September 7th 10:00 - 11:00 Getting Started (2) 11:15 - 12:15 Goal Tracking Meeting Control Panel Formatting Documents Getting Started (1) Minutes Collaborative Agendas Leveraging Social Media Library and Welcome Packet Integrating Policies Frequently Asked Questions (Gold) (Silver A) (Silver B) (Bronze) (Gold) (Silver B) (Bronze) (Silver A) (Silver A) (Gold) (Silver B) (Bronze)
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