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An interactive lesson introducing rhythm in music

Bryce Collier

on 2 July 2011

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Transcript of Rhythm

Rhythm who likes fruit?? Pear Good for you Lets look at some musical fruit looks like this in music This is a musical rhythm Does this look hard?? Guess what? By the end of this lesson you will be able to clap me this rhythm. but first have we seen one before? say this with me... You just said this rhythm Right, on to the next fruit. Apple helps keep doctors away looks like this in music Apricot Blueberry Huckleberry Ok...not a fruit, but his name is... Pear
Huckleberry we will give these fruit names to musical patterns that fit into the space of one beat say this with me... Now, write down the musical shape to match the fruit It should look something like this now lets practice clapping it They taste nice, but the musical shape looks like this OK lets try this one. Lets Clap it first now write it down It should look like this they taste really nice in muffins It's musical shape is the opposite to Apricot Lets clap this together then write it down you should have this This is quite a fast rhythm Lets try this one... I hope you got this Lets try putting these fruit patterns together 1 2 3 Write down these examples 1 2 3 Answers lets try some thing a little harder clap this for me these are 1 bar long this is 2 bars long Do you want to see the answer?? WELL DONE!!
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