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GQ Magazine

No description

Jade Kilian

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine
Men Are Fascinated By Bravery And Danger
Men Need Help
In the magazine there are many pages giving help advice to men about clothing, gadgets, home style and cooking. The pages show that men need help deciding on everything.
High classy cars that are seen as a stereotypical way to attract the best women.
The 'Bentley's' is extremely expensive, so only the wealthiest can afford it. If it said that the more money you have the more educated and sophisticated you are. Hence the word 'Smart Car' for a 'Smart' man.
This is usually shown through half naked women posing provocatively, but in GQ they like to see women as more classy. An example of this is the spreads of Emma Watson she has her body covered but is appealing to the male audience which would be reading GQ (classy, sophisticated men)
Men Like to Look at Cars, Gadgets and Sport
Men Like To Look At Women
Adverts like Audi represent danger through the blurred background and road which connote speed because when you are moving that fast everything seems a blur. GQ advertise fast cars like Audi etc to appeal to men through the representation of speed connoting danger.

Articles about Boxing- 'Could be the greatest fight ever' represents danger because of the fights they have and the many injuries they gain.

Adverts like Red Bull cliff diving represents danger through images of people about to jump off cliffs. The small scale of the person about to jump compared to the larger scale of the cliffs which are shown to be jutting out and look jagged connote danger because they could easily jump off and fall straight into the side of the cliffs.

Adverts such as Michael McQueen being shown on a motorbike without wearing a helmet also represents danger.

GQ uses all these adverts in their magazine to represent danger and bravery because they know that by portraying this they will attact more men to their magazine because they will aspire to living there life in this way.

Emma Watson
There are several watches shown throughout GQ.
This specific Graft watch is appearing to dropping down to the bottom of the sea. This links with the caption 'The Fabulous Jewels of The World'. This is implying that the finest jewels and objects are found at the bottom of the ocean, as well as showing the watch as a jewel. The background is a green colour depicting a fresh, under the sea feeling, with the implication of the bubbles showing that it is waterproof, which leads to the suggestion that men should be active. Also the colour green implicates the emotion envey. This could create the feeling of jealousy towards the watch as you want it and dont own it.
In this picture Emma is wearing a black lacy top with her back showing. The colors are all darker and she isn't showing much emotion. This is an unusual picture to be seen in a mens magazine but because of the audience it appeals to the targeted audience who believe themselves to be gentlemen and loyal. She is a very well spoken actress who has worked her way up through the business rather than a topless model for 'lad mags'.
Here is a image showing a woman in a Gucci bodysuit which is adding wealth to the 'sexy' image that is meaning to be portrayed.
There are several watches shown throughout GQ.
They have got Leonardo Decaprio to model one of their watches. This could influence the reader to but this particular watch due to who is modelling it.
'A drink with...Annabelle Wallis' this is creating the 'date' kind of vibe which will appeal to the male audience. She is holding a cocktail glass which also contributes to the elegant woman that she is being shown as.
The direct eye contact is showing her to be a confident female.
This is a double page spread showing men's fashion and style which gives advice to them about what to wear.
In most male magazines they have pages about meals to cook. Here they are showing men how to cook a healthy meal that is tasty. This contradicts the stereotype of me not being able to cook.
Men like to have the best and only the best. They want the best looking girls, the most expensive cars, the high quality gadgets. The higher the social class the more they get. GQ is a high socal demographic which enable them to put in the higher quality and higher priced products for them to buy.
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