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Company Org Chart

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on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Company Org Chart

Hudson's Bay Company (HBC)
How The HBC Started.
In 1660 two french men Radisson and Groseilliers explored the Hudson's bay and saw that it had rich furs. The men sent a ship load of fur to Englind and convince merchants to come invest with the furtrade. The result was a group of rich English merchants Formed the HBC in 1670. Now the Hudsons bay company is The Bay department store.
VP - Production
VP - Marketing
David Thompson
Coureurs de bois
The Coureurs de bois helped the HBC with the fur trade. They would bring the trade offers from one place to another. They're like the traders on sea.
by Cale Goldsand
The NWC was no good for the HBC. They both were trading companies which made them work that much harder. The HBC was not doing so good with the NWC at first but then they

doing really well.
David Thomson was a explorer and was born in London England in 1770. At the age of 14 he worked at the Hudson's Bay Company. Later after he worked for the HBC for a

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