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Marketing Plan

Katrina S

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Vegemite

VEGEMITE! "dELICIOUS fOOD PASTE, WITH A SALTY TASTE" Packaging Price Vegemite will be Reasonably Priced.
Price for 400g container is $4.98
Price for 125g container is $2.98

Vegemite is placed in the same price range as Peanut Butter and Mayonaise because Vegemite is a similar product, used in a similar manner. PLACE Vegemite will be distributed in a variety of grocery chains, including;
Promotion Families of all kinds. Target Market Available in 2 sizes: 400g (family size), 125g (regular size).
product This will enable it to compete with well known brands like, Ziggy's, and other breakfast spreads.
Selling in known graocery chains will also allow vegemite to become comparable to its american counterpart Kraft Peanut Butter. $4.98 $2.98 125g 400g Shelf Display Side by side, forming a tall yellow vegemite wall. Packaged in a clear Hard Plastic Container, with an easy grip lid. Nutritional facts stated on the back of the jar.
Ingredients listed on the back of the jar.
Brand Name and slogan clearly displayed on packaging. Primary colour of the packaging will be yellow.
Why Yellow? We have chosen to use yellow as Vegemite's primary colour because it is often seen as warm and joyful. Since we are targetting families we found that yellow is the perfect colour to attract our target market. Also yellow like red is a highly visible colour, therefore the product will stand out while on store shelves, and attract possible buyers. Why Plastic?
Why Easy Grip? We have chosen to sell our product in plastic containers with easy grip lids because, we are going for a child firendly packaging. WHY 2.98 and 4.98? Mothers Young Children Ages 5 -12. Why Families?
We are targetting families because families are more likely to buy breakfast spreads with health benefits. Why Mom's? We are targetting mothers because in a typical households mother's are the ones who purchase weekly groceries, and typical mothers care about what they put in thier childrens mouth. Why Children? We are targetting children because we want them brand loyal starting at a young age. instantly noticeable.
Why Justin Bieber?
We chose Justin Bieber to be our celebrity endorser because we are targetting a family friendly audience. Also Justin Bieber is young and fits in the age group we are targetting. Relevance of this Commercial? This commercial is quite old, but it appeals directly to our target market. It is family freindly, if possible our future commercial introducing vegemite to canada would be something like this. Branding Fact Finding Product Planning Selling Sales Promotion A Tasty alternative to your regular breakfast spread Vegemite will be under the Family Brand of "Kraft," and will be individually known as "Vegemite." Being part of the Kraft family Vegemite will become more known in the market place and the postive feeling toward Kraft will rub off on Vegemite. Our plan for fact finding is to gather a group of different families, and will get them to taste test our product in a variety of ways. Afterwards we will ask them individually about their thoughts on the product. Also ask for reccomendations that will help improve our product in their eyes. According to statistics Canadians comsume
a large amount of salt.

The avarage Canadian spends up to an avarage of
$1970 on breakfast spreads in the last year.
Sales people will be knowledgeable about Vegemite and the contents used to make the spread.
Specialized sales people will handle customer question about the health benefits that Vegemite provides. THANK YOU For Listening! This will allow vegemite to be more accepted in the Canadian community. Canadians spend a lot of their money on Breakfast spreads.
This is good For Business!
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