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No Pretty Pictures: A Child of War

By: Anita Lobel

Faith Sleep

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of No Pretty Pictures: A Child of War

No Pretty Pictures: A Child of War
By: Anita Lobel
Nazis come to Poland. Anita is only five and her little brother is three.
Nazi soldiers would go to suspected Jews' houses and would steal and bully the owners.
Anita's father leaves and doesn't come back
Anita, her brother, and Niania left to live in the country because it was safer.
Niania decides to take the children to her old house and dress Anita's brother as a girl.
Niania's mother had died and she couldn't see her because she had to stay with the children.
Anita and her brother left Niana to go stay with their mother and her family in the ghetto.
They had to stay in a cellar all day to wait out the Germans which were going through apartments for Jews.
The children made it out of the Ghetto safely and back to Niania
Niania faked that Anita's eye was hurt so they could stay with the Benedictine sisters.
Anita and her brother made friends with a little girl named Krysia. She was there with tuberculosis and later died.
Nazis take Jews from the Benedictine sisters. The Nazis find out that Anita's brother is a boy.
The Jews who have been rounded up are taken to the Montelupi Prison.
Anita and her brother are taken to a camp. Their aunt, uncle, and cousin are there and take care of them.
One of the women's teenage son was taken and shot. The woman had heard the shot and was hysterical. She tried giving the guards Anita's brother. She kept crying "Why didn't you take him?" or "Why not him?". Thankfully the guards did not take the little boy and instead drug the woman away. Anita never saw her again. That was a big event in her life.
The Nazis and all the Jews leave the camp and start a march in the cold of winter.
The Jews are shoved into a cattle train and end up in Auschwitz.
The two children go with two Polish women and stay with them. They are taken care of and fed properly.
The Jews are freed and taken to Sweden. They stay in a sanatorium and find they both have tuberculosis.
Anita stayed at the sanatorium for more than a year and was cured. A Mr. Nilson comes for Anita.
The war has been long over.
Anita stays in a Polish camp for a while before her parents come for her.
Anita and her parents stay in a small apartment for awhile until her brother is out of the sanatorium. After he is back they move into a bigger room.
Anita loves real school and excels in everything but gym. But she finds she is okay with that.
Niania dies. She had been living with her family and had had a brain tumor. Before she had died she had sent a doll as a birthday present to Anita and Anita treasures it.
At age 16, Anita and her family move to America.
Her father has been in Russia and her mother has used her fake papers to get by.
The End.
She became a successful author and illustrator.
Later became a successful author and illustrator.
Anita has dark skin and dark hair. Her brother has blond hair and lighter skin.
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