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Solving Proportions

A proportion is an equation stating two equal ratios

Annie Curtiss

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Solving Proportions

Lesson 3 Proportions are used many times. You've probably used proportions without being aware that you were. An example of a proportion would be exchange rates. From dollars to Yen, or from Euros to Pesos or things like that. For these things, you need to use ratios. Here's an example of a proportion Problem 1 Okay, here's problem number 1. Do 4/5 and 12/15 form a proportion? The first step is to find a common multiplier. 4 can be multiplied by 3 to get 12, and 5 can be multiplied
by 3 to get 15. Since they both share a multiplier, they form
a proportion! Problem 2 You can also use cross prducts to see if two numbers form a proportion This is where we can use exchange rates. Let's use the example that that (Mexican) pesos to dollars is that 10.737 pesos = 1 dollar If you had taken a vacay in Mexico and had 250 pesos left, how many dollars would you get? Then just multiply diagonally (across) If you divide each side by 10.737 and got $23.28, Good job!!
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