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02.05 Victory

No description

Des Aviles

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of 02.05 Victory

02.05 Victory
factual details do you notice about the character? (Occupation, Attitude, Description, etc)
Thanks for watching
What obstacles does the character face? Physical, Mental, and Emotional
Father: I don't feel like the father had as many struggles. He kind of turned his back on his own flesh and blood. think he did have the obstacle of letting his girlfriend leave or staying with his son. In the end though he chose the girl. He left and never supported his son. It's like he just gave up and didn't care.
How does this character interact with others?
1. He does little interaction.
2. He is upset and it shows when he talks to people.
3. He becomes angry and is yelling at his family and getting drugged up.
4. He makes the journey but he does not talk to many.
5. He seems to keep to himself but still is kind to other boys.
6. He talks with his mother nicely he does however yell when angry.
factual details do you notice about the character? (Occupation, Attitude, Description, etc)

Explain how this obstacle is or is not a human rights issue.
Lourdes obstacle is a human rights issue because she is leaving and trying to America for a better life that is what immigration means.
What obstacles does the character face? Physical, Mental, and Emotional
Enrique: Enrique faces countless obstacles. Including a dangerous journey, his mother being in a different country,being hooked on drugs, becoming a father, and getting robbed and beaten. I think he is a very determined person. I don't think I could have made the journey so he is stronger than he looks.
How does the time period affect the character's approach to the obstacle?
Enrique and his mother have to illegally cross because that's what many other people where doing. Some applied but were denied. So many thought there was a good chance they could entered then become a citizen. The time effected it very much because now you can apply and most likely get in. You could become a citizen and then be able to go to school. But being illegal you can't do any of that. Yet that was a risk people back then were willing to take.
How does this character interact with others?
Gran. Maria
Maria Isabel
1. She is quiet but seems to be listening.
2. She is crying with many people.
3. She is a very obedient person
4. She is sad that Enrique is leaving.
5. no interaction
6. no interaction
1. She is crying a lot when she talks
2. She is sad but she interacts with the family she is babysitting for.
3. She gets pregnant and he boyfriend leaves her.
4. She has to find another job, and is ashamed.
5. She moves in with her next boyfriend they both have kids in a different country.
6. She is overjoyed to get Enrique over the border she talks with the smugglers and her friends.
1. He does not interact with the family until Lourdes leaves
2. He is in love with a women and leaves to move in with her.
3. He seems like a kind man but still leaves Enrique
4. don't here from him
5. don't here from him
6. don't here from him
1. She seems nice, she opens her home to Enrique
2. She is getting old but still looks out for Enrique
3. She keeps Enrique out of trouble.
4. She is not heard from after Enrique is kicked out by her children
5. Don't here from her.
6. Don't here from her.
1. Maria is nice and kind to others.
2. She deals with Enrique because she loves him.
3. She is sad and upset when she finds Enrique doing drugs
4. She is pregnant and is excited to have a child and she tells Enrique
5. She wishes Enrique luck on his journey
6. She talks with Enrique and agrees to make the trip if she see a good time.
Grandma Maria:
Maria Isabel:
I noticed that Maria may not have been mentioned a lot in the book but she was a big part Enrique's life. She is the mother of his child so he loves her dearly. I think that she was one of his ropes he used to hold on to so he didn't slip into the bottom less pit of a drug addict. She also seems to love him no matter what. I truly believe she will make the journey to be with her love!
Grandma Maria is like every other grandmother she loves her grandchildren. When he had no one she took him in, her house was small as it was and she still made room for him. She made sure he was a good boy. Sadly because of her age she could not care for him as long. I don't think if it was up to her that she would have kicked Enrique out! I think she loved him so much.
Enrique's father was somewhat handsome. He was in love with a woman so he left to be with her. This showed me right away that he was not a good father. I could see that he tried but he just gave up. So I would say his attitude was sour. He was his son after all, he should have stayed and cared for him.

Strong and determined is one thing that stood out to me about him. After all he's been through he wanted to go find his mom. So he goes through this whole endever and gets caught 7 times, almost killed, robbed and beaten and he still tries again. That was a lot to go through at such a young age. Many people don't even make the trip and he still went for it.
Lourdes was a mother of 2 who left to go to America for a better life for her family. She made it and was having a hard time finding work. She accidentally finds herself pregnant and abandoned by her boyfriend. She has to do odds and ends jobs to get by. She however never forgets about her kids and sends them money and toys. Some years are harder than others and sometimes she can't even call.
Belky is quiet but she still is very attentive. She cries and feels sad many days. I can tell she really misses her mom but is doing the best she can. She feels upset that Enrique is going to try the journey. She doesn't want him to die or not come back. She feels like this is what happened to her mother all over again. Her attitude to me sounds like she is very depressed. She is sad that her and her brother have to live miles apart.
Lourdes: Lourdes wanted a better life for her and her family, she did what she thought would secure them that future. She faced a huge obstacle and that was leaving her 2 young children! She had to have felt so sad and cried for a while. She tried her best to save up money but life kept knocking her down.Another big obstacle she got pregnant and her boyfriend left her. She was a single mother in a country she wasn't legally supposed to be in.
Belky: Belky had a huge amount of emotional obstacles. Her mother left at a young age and she was seperated from her brother. Then her brother tells her that he is taking the dangerous journey. All those months without a call the sadness was eating her alive. She had gone through this before with her mother and she didn't want to lose her brother. I feel for Belky, she was having a hard time living and then her brother leaves her it all seems really bad and sad.
Grandma Maria: Grandma Maria was what people call a saint. Her biggest obstacle was her age. She was old so their was only so much she could do for Enrique. Yet she knew this and let him in. She was so nice to let him live in her house. Then her children came and told him to get out because he was making the lady die of stress.
Maria Isabel: Maria had a huge obstacle and that was her love for Enrique. Even in his worst time she still loved him. I think that was the obstacle that saved him. She let him leave her and the baby to get them a better life and to find his mother. She must have been sad and for him at the same time.
Enrique obstacle is a human rights issue. This is because he is leaving and going illegally to America for a fresh start and to find his mother.
Belky is not having a human rights issue obstacle because she is not immigration she is in her same town.
Father is not having a human rights issue he is just turning his back on family.
Grandma Maria is not having a human rights issue she is just having the struggle of caring for someone young when you are old.
Maria Isabel is not having a human rights until she leaves for America. She did say she was going to try if the opportunity presented itself.
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