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My Journey to get into Graduate School

No description


on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of My Journey to get into Graduate School

It's not always a straight path My Journey to get into Graduate School Undergrad Master of Public Health
(MPH) Major: Architectural Studies (Design)

Minors: Environment & Science
Biology Pivotal course: Environment & Human Health It was in my 4th year when I finally decided to make the switch... One-year internship with Africa's Children-Africa's Future (AC-AF)

[Found through the Career Centre ]

- Orphan & Vulnerable Children Support Programme (sustainable programming for child-headed households in African communities)

- u+me=we programme (HIV and AIDS education and awareness) So to get myself into grad school...

I gave myself a year after graduating to become a competitive applicant...
* Professional program - no guaranteed funding
* Practicum component - paid position not guaranteed
* Be prepared mentally + financially for grad school...

* I could have applied for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) - even if I wasn't accepted yet... (early deadlines)
* studentawards.com
* CIHR training program in public health policy - apply early, stipends ~$17,000 provided...
* OSAP/UTAPS What I wish I'd known at this time... Specialization: Health Promotion

Global Health Focus
Community Development Collaborative Meanwhile, I started getting involved in the university community... Tutoring and Mentoring through New College/ U of T Programs This lead to me volunteering with children and families living with cancer... Working with children and youth from abusive home environments, living with autism ...

Note: I've been told that it was my previous experiences with diverse families, children living with health issues that got me this position... Decided that I wanted to pursue Public Health

I knew I would need to go to graduate school... Interested in affordable housing -
Executive with Habitat for Humanity, U of T Chapter Saw the immense potential in addressing root causes of health issues... Research Assistant at OISE through Work-Study
Non-degree courses
* Statistics
* Global Health My application...
Master of Public Health (Social & Behavioural Health Sciences Stream) 1) 2 references
- Academic
- Professional
2) Statistics Requirement
3) Transcripts (min. mid-B in final 5 FCE)
4) CV
5) Letter of Intent Letter of Intent
- start early
- seek out resources (Career Centre workshops, borrow books, look at examples...)
- what makes you unique CV
- make it seem like you are a perfect fit
e.g. Section "Social justice and inequities experience" I was juggling a lot of different responsibilities...

- Time management was key (Google calendar, organizer... do what you need to do. )
- Schedule in events, be realistic
- Concept of ROI Applied for Work Study

- Research experience
- Some $$ If absolutely necessary....Education Line of Credit For me - I combined my interest in the built environment with health - especially for vulnerable populations/ children and youth What I'm doing now...
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