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Fashion 1770-1850

No description

Victoria Sosa

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Fashion 1770-1850

Elaborate hats replaced the big hair tower trend, hair was powdered but started going more towards natural, had more of a french style during the time(french rev.), false rumps were also worn
used less of the hoop skirt and corset leaned more towards comfort and classical things, drawstring neckline became more popular
Caps were worn to cover dirty posibly lice infested hair underpants did not exist yet , shoes were hand sewn and did not have rightsor lefts yet, wigs were big hair towers, buttons were not fashionable on womens clothing
sleeves started to become fuller, necklines were predominantly low, the desired effect was simplicity, colors on dresses slowly made a return
as the romantic area arrived styles became more ornate.The waistline dropped to its more natural spot . Colors patterns and padding helped emphasize the dress
Enormous sleeves more european influence necklines become wide cloaks were worn as a result of the puffy sleeves
the gothic era makes its way sleeves loose their fullnes . colors shifted to darker tones
Fashion 1770-1850
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