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World War 2 Propaganda

By Eman

Mohanned El-Natour

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of World War 2 Propaganda

One part of British propaganda was to encourage people to enlist to become soldiers. This famous US propaganda piece was made to influence American workers at home.

“Rosie the Riveter” is a strong female war production worker that spread the idea that with the help of women the war could be won. This Russian message translates to: Every time we get attacked, we will reply with an attack three times more fierce. This Russian message translates to:
Fight German animals, we can and must defeat Hitler’s Army.

This Soviet propaganda shows what the Soviets thought of the Nazis (savage animals).

The Soviets also thought that they could fight and beat Germany as well. This German message translates to:
Just as we fight, you work for victory.

This propaganda was made to boost worker self esteem and show that they play an important role in the war, equal to the soldiers fighting. This US propaganda was made to show what the Nazis were doing to Christianity and that they were the enemy because they were killing the religion and everything it stood for. This US propaganda justifying the war as avoiding the destruction of Christianity and saving their country from the giant Nazi enemy. This propaganda piece was made to show Americans that even eating wisely and not wasting food can help their soldiers to win the war.

This encourages the idea that everyone can play a part to help with the war, even with what you are cooking at home.
  This Canadian propaganda was made to tell soldiers and other Canadians that the end of the war (and defeating Hitler) was controlled by how hard they fought and worked. This US propaganda poster was made to remind people about important information and national secrets

This also shows that citizens at home play a role in the war.
This propaganda was made to persuade people to buy war bonds because doing that would defeat Nazi Germany. This propaganda explained that buying war bonds and stamps would keep children safe from any enemies harm. This propaganda was intended to raise the morale of the British public because they didn't want them to worry about the massive air and fire attacks. This propaganda was made to encourage Americans to buy extra war bonds.

This would help fund the war that they were winning and that buying bonds would get revenge on what the Japanese did to the Americans.
  How was propaganda used in WWII?
Confidence in war
Raise civilian morale
Promote your values and culture (communism, facism, democracy)
Promote recruitment of new soldiers
Economy and rationing of valuable resources
Warn people about secrets
Make your side seem like "good" and enemy seem "evil." This propaganda was made to encourage the Soviet Union's soldiers by telling them they have a stronger army. World War II Propaganda || By : Eman Elnatour Propaganda is any type of communication used to influence people and their ideas.

Many countries used Propaganda during WWII:

- The US, Germany, the USSR, UK, France, Japan, Canada, and many other countries used propaganda in WWII.

- Many countries showed propaganda through media, posters and even leafletting. leafletting- small propaganda flyers would be dropped out of airplanes in many countries to make sure people would see. Introduction In conclusion, propaganda played a very important role during WW2.

It influenced people in many ways to help, fight, and contribute to the war in any way.

If countries didn’t use propaganda, WW2 may have a very different outcome. How did Nazi Germany use propaganda?

It made people thinks of power and control and supremacy of the Nazi ideals and forces.
Purity and superiority of the Aryan race
Hatred and inferiority for the enemies of Germany
Rationing of supplies
Rectruitment of people to support Nazi Germany
Warning against spies
Increase support for war and confidence in victory
Promote recruitment of new soldiers
Remind people to buy war bonds
Encourage rationing of valuable resources
Warn people about secrets
Make America seem like "good" and enemy seem "evil." How did the US use propaganda in WWII?
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