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Shelbi Avant

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Forge

Exposition- Curzon and Isabel escape from slavery
Rising Action- Curzon joins the army
Climax-Bellingham locates Curzon, which forces Curzon to consider creating a plan to kill Bellingham
Falling Action-Isabel, Curzon and his Army friends form an escape plan
Resolution-Isabel and Curzon escape Valley Forge
Laurie Halse Anderson

Shelbi Avant
Main Characters

Curzon-an escaped slave who joins the Army to escape slavery for good

Isabel-Curzon's friend who escaped slavery with him in search of her lost sister

Isabel and Curzon escape slavery during the period of the Revolutionary War, in the midst of this their friendship is challenged which eventually leads Curzon to join the army. Eventually his 'owner', Bellingham, catches up to Curzon and with him, against her will, is Isabel. They have to sort out their friendship and figure out what stands between them and their true freedom.

I think the main conflict in the book is Curzon and Isabel trying to accomplish their goal of freedom.
Historical Context
Forge was set during the period of the Revolutionary War. The Revolutionary War was America fighting for Independence from Britain. This was also during the time of slavery. Often freed slaves participated in the war. I think this was why it was so easy to play Curzon as an Army man. The Army was a way to stay hidden from his former master, it was also a rather believable way to further convince people he was free.
Themes- Slavery, Freeedom, Independence

Motifs- Everyone deserves equal rights, no matter the color of their skin

Morals- People will go to very far extents to accomplish what they believe in

Curzon- Fighting for the independence of others

American Soldiers- They fought to gain what all people deserve: freedom

Slavery- Held African American people bonded, kept them from doing things white people would have been able to do

Bellingham- Keeping Curzon and Isabel as his slaves
Compare and Contrast
I think the book in some ways sugarcoats the very idea of slavery. In ways slavery is similar to how the book portrays it but also very different. Slavery is a very gruesome topic, but in the book it sounds quite tame, one might even call the portrayal glamorous. For instance, using Bellingham and Curzon for example: during the climax of the book, Curzon defies Bellingham, he tells him that he is not Bellingham's 'property' anymore. Bellingham plays this off very quietly, laughing and saying over and over again how Curzon is indeed his 'property' and there's nothing he can do about it. Think about it, if this was a real life situation how do you think Bellingham would have reacted? I'm pretty sure all of us are thinking the same thing: Bellingham would've gotten VERY upset and would have probably beaten Curzon, or something of that nature. This book does an OK job portraying slavery but I can't say it's a very believable portrayal.
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