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Annie Besant

No description

Dominic Nuangyindee

on 16 March 2017

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Transcript of Annie Besant

Annie Besant
She was kind and serious person.
She supported Indian independence had a unhappy childhood,which made her serious.Annie dealt with this problem by having a positive attitude and Ellen made sure she had a good education when she was five.When Annie took part in leftist demonstrations,
she grew interested in theosophy, which drew her
to India.
By Christopher Chan/Dominic Nuangyindee
Period 5
Annie was involved in representing women and workers in 19th Century Britain.Became leading member of Theosophy society and supported Indian independence.

She was born in London on Oct 1, 1847 to a middle class family.
Family Members
Father: William Hood
Mother: Emily Morris
Annie Besant was possibly an only child or had a unknown number of siblings
Her father died when she was 5. Her mother, without savings or having enough money, her mother persuaded her friend to take care of her. It seemed that she had an unhappy childhood.
Her Legacy
She led the way for India's President and was the first woman of the Indian National Congress. If she didn't exist, then India wouldn't gained independence for another several years. Without her, Gandhi would have took longer to achieve Indian Independence and possibility with enough supporters.
She died on September 20, 1933 and
in Adyar, India. Died in the age of 85 of a natural death.

She became famous because she was involved in a lot of things such as... being a leading speaker for the Fabian Society and involved in politics in India, joining the Indian National Congress.
Annie Besant fought for what was right, such as women's rights and workers' rights.Also she then became a prominent speaker for the National Secular Society.
By fighting for women's right
women now have the chance to vote and have the freedom to be free.

"Better remain silent, better not even think, if you are not prepared to act"
It was important because it tells you about the Indians who want independence quietly with British subjugation behind their backs
It means that don't tell anyone especially your subjugates that you want to do or talk about something you think is unpopular until your ready or have courage to do that.
How did her actions impacted history
Learning about Annie Besant made
me think that she was a helpful woman.She supported many countries which gave and defended them. She was an independent woman who believed in what was right.
Annie Besant
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