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Weyman Zhao

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Japan

Japan Trade is a very important thing. Without it, we wouldn't have most of what we have now. Trade is when two people or countries exchange goods. Countries and people trade to get things wanted, needed and don't have. When Japan trades with Canada they don't have to pay each other special taxes. This is because of their CJEPA agreement which is a free trade agreement. Japan's top trading partners are: Canada, U.S., South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE Japan is a small country found on the east coast of Asia. It is surrounded by water and is located in the Pacific Ocean. In this country there are many islands. The four main ones are: Shikoku and Kyushu. Japan has a total population of 12.8 million. All of which can be from different religions. The official language of Japan is Japanese. Japan has spring throughout the months March, April and May. Summer throughout June, July and August. Autumn throughout September, October and November and winter throughout December, January and February. Japan also has a rainy season in early May and a typhoon season throughout August to October. On top of that, Japan has a total of 108 active volcanoes. These volcanoes can be helpful because all the ashes and soot make the soil very fertile. Japan also supports a lot of wildlife. It is home to over 17000 plant species, 140 mammal species and 450 bird species. It also has various species of fish, reptiles and amphibians too. Trade Country Government Japan's government is a democratic parliamentary with a constitutional monarchy. Just like Canada it has a royal figure head and a Prime Minister. For Japan they are Emperor Akihito and Primer Minister Shinzo Abe. Along with Canada, Japan is part of the trade agreements: CJEPA, G-8, G-20 and APEC. When Japan's constitution was built in 1947 it was based on three principles: sovereignty of the people, respect for fundamental human rights and renunciation of war. There are a total of 47 municiple governments in Japan. All of which must provide: education, welfare and other services and building maintaining infrastructure. Emperor Akihito Prime Minister
Shinzo Abe Imports/Exports Japan imports and exports a lot of goods to and from Canada and other countries. Their major imports are: oil, wood and food stuffs. Their major exports are: cars, electronic devices and computers. Japan will also provide services and industries. Their services provided are: guidance and info about Japan, advice and job offer files. Their industries provided are: manufacturing, construction, distribution, real estate and communication. Over the past few years Japan has gained 13-15 billion dollars through their exports to Canada. Through their imports from Canada, they have paid 9-10 billion dollars. Ultimately, Japan gains more money than it spends on Canada. However, canada should continue to trade with Japan because it's Canada's second largest trading partner and also the electronics Canada imports from japan can be sold for a lot here. Opinion As I was researching information for my project about Japan I was fascinated by everything that I was learning. For example, while I was reading about Japan's wildlife I was amazed at how many species of plants and animal there were. Much more to my amazement, I was shocked to find out that Japan has a typhoon season and is home to 108 active volcanoes. While reading about their government, I found out that it was very similar to ours. For instance, their government is a democratic parliamentary with a constitutional monarchy. This is exactly the same as our government. I chose Japan for this project because it is one of Canada's top trading partners and I've always really liked this country. I believe Japan is a very resourceful country and Canada should continue trading with them. I believe Canada could improve their trading relationship with Japan by getting together and building agreements that would benefit both sides. The End
By: Weyman
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