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How to Create Dynamic Prezi-tations

An overview of Prezi, a few of its possible uses in education, and a step-by-step guide for getting started.

Debra Beach

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of How to Create Dynamic Prezi-tations

How to Create
Dynamic Prezi-tations
With Prezi by Debra Beach Overview What is Prezi? Prezi for Educators Tool for people who want a more visually oriented presentation

Use text, images, video, & flash to map out your ideas Break away from bullet points
bullet points
bullet points You have more creative control over the meaning
you can create Overlap text on photos Draw freehand I Educational Technology ! Combine text & drawings I'll never use slides again! Prezi for Educators Encourage creativity Prezi would be useful for: Presenting information as a non-linear process: take students from Point A Point B Subjects with a strong visual or multimedia component Tips Write your outline and text in a separate text editor, then copy & paste into Prezi Like with good web design, the best paintbrush might be good planning
& restraint Basics for instructors So...what is Prezi? with the way you arrange
your content your audience down the rabbit hole Take Ready to Try It?
Let's Get Started Go to www.prezi.com
Create an account (select Student-Teacher Licenses if you have a .edu email address)
Verify email 1. Sign Up 3. Create new Prezi Title
Brief description
Theme These can all be changed later if you change your mind! 4. Open Me Colors & Fonts
Show Spherical
Options 4. Write Double-click to type in Text
Single-click for more options Inner Wheel:
moves object Middle
size Outer Wheel:
rotates 5. How the Edit Wheel works 6. Insert Shapes: Play around!
Files: Try a photo, PDF, or Video For Creative Commons photos: http://compfight.com
Search "Creative Commons Only"
Give credit where it's due! YouTube: Copy & paste URL into text box
This will only work if you keep the presentation online!
FLV / F4V video files can be uploaded MS Word
PowerPoint Convert to PDF Sample Photo Sample PDFs 7. Frames 8. Path ...To edit around circles & boxes, move them to the back (using the +edit tool) or temporarily move them out of your way Group items together
This helps to create paths It's best to add these after you have everything else arranged where you want... 1-2 Add: Click on items in the order you want your audience to see them.
Change the order by dragging the small dots on the lines to new objects
Remove items by dragging numbered dots off of them Getting Started 9. Show! Don't be surprised if you have to go back & edit after seeing how a few sections play out...be prepared for some trial & error 10. Some Inspirations Prezi's website has several good examples: just browse
http://prezi.com/learn/selection-great-reusable-prezis/ Prezi of Twitter Talk -- by mjreesx Tips on Using Prezi A few more via YouTube: Strong visual impact Avoid "Death by PowerPoint" Teach your students to think outside the
box Point C Point D Point Q to Works better for short lectures than lengthy ones I hope this introduction to
Prezi was helpful : ) If you have questions on
how to use Prezi,
contact me at: dbeach@northweststate.edu Email A B Q C D Showing relationships Mapping in-class activities, discussions, or group projects Mix a Twitter discussion feed, group notes, multimedia & resource files all in one place! (No SpellCheck yet!) Project Portfolios Establish a sequence for your ideas Who's on First? What's on Second? 1 2 Prezi imports
multi-page documents! (Presentations) (When it's used in a pedagogically sound manner) 2. Download guide Go to the TLC Resources area
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