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sexual harassment employee training

No description

Sayde Velo

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of sexual harassment employee training

Sexual Harassment At Work
What Not to Do
Training Objectives
Recognize Sexual Harassment
Differentiate between the two main types of sexual harassment
Report all incidents and cooperate with investigations
Help promote and maintain a comfortable and productive work environment

Why Do We Need To Know?
All employees have the right to fair treatment at work

Sexual Harassment Harms everyone

You need to know this as you are already or will be going to go into the workplace where you could be faced with sexual harassment.
Common Facts About Sexual Harassment
Nearly 15,000 charges of sexual harassment are filed each year, resulting in $40 million in company charges

Sexual harassment complaints are not only filed by women; Complaints filed by men have more than tripled in recent years.

90% of harassment claims involve individuals who are not aware that their conduct is offensive or unwelcome.

Both men and women at all levels maybe be both harassers or victims.

It is against the Law
It is a form of sex discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
What is Sexual Harassment?
Quid Pro Quo
“this for that”
Unlawful harassment of a sexual nature by management or administration that results in monetary loss/gain or significant changes in someone's workload or assignment should they refuse sexual requests or favors.
They usually have control over you.

Hostile Work Environment
A hostile work environment develops when unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance, creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.
With Hostile Work environment the perpetrator does not necessarily have to be from management or administration like with quid pro quo.
Any employee from that company can sexually harass you.

An UNWELCOME behavior of a SEXUAL NATURE either

physical, visual, or verbal.

Two Kinds of
Sexual Harassment
think of some examples of something physical
think of some examples of something visual
think of examples of something verbal
An unwelcome act is something not wanted.
Giving consent to an unwelcome act does not make it consensual.

Unwelcome and Consent
What is wrong with this picture ???
Let's See what you Know...
Cindy is continually turning down mark's offers to have dinner. Cindy makes a complaint to her supervisor, but Mark doesn't get the hint. Mark leaves dirty notes on Cindy's desk, texts her daily, and messages her on Facebook continually.
Hostile Work Environment
Sayde asks her manager if she could take off work early for a evening college class. Mr. Daniels, her manager, stated to her that she could be able to leave work early only if she could have sexual intercourse with him. Sayde refused and left.

Prevention is Key
We Can All Do Something to Help
Both your workplace and you as an employee have the responsibilities and can work together to prevent sexual harassment
Workplace Policy
Your workplace policy should create, communicate, and enforce a clear policy of their position against sexual harassment.

your policy should be easily accessible to you as an employee.
front desk, break room, handbook, training, etc.
How much?
If the behavior of a sexual nature is severe enough, it can happen only one time for it to be considered hostile work environment sexual harassment.

The more severe the behavior, the less pervasive it has to be for it to be considered hostile work environment sexual harassment.

If the behavior of a sexual nature is not severe but is often enough to the point where its become a routine, it can then be considered as sexual harassment.

The less severe the behavior, the more pervasive it has to be for it to be considered hostile work environment sexual harassment.
is it sexual harassment?

Respond Directly to anyone committing the sexual harassment, trying to communicate that such behavior makes you uncomfortable and should stop.
Address all incidents of sexual harassment immediately by reporting the incident, making it now more clear that the behavior is bothersome.
Cooperate with investigations of sexual harassment. Do your part to help make the investigation run smoothly and as quickly as possible toward a resolution
It is against the law for an employer to retaliate in any shape, way, or form, for opposing discriminatory practices or filing a charge testifying, or participating in an investigation, hearing, or other proceeding under Title VII.

Your employer should update their policies, procedures, and training to emphasize that retaliation is prohibited against anyone who discloses discriminatory conduct while participating in any investigation.
key points to remember
Sexual Harassment is prohibited by law and your workplace policy
It involves more than just physical conduct; it can also be verbal or visual
Conduct must be unwelcome and of a sexual nature to consider being sexual harassment.
Two forms of Sexual Harassment
Quid Pro Quo
Hostile Work Environment
Sexual Harassment Is harmful
You have the Power to prevent it.
Who's Affected?
Employees at any level
Clients or customers
Members of the same sex
Direct Targets
A person who is a direct target of sexual harassment such as constantly being subjected to a co-workers sexual advances.
If you witness acts of sexual harassment against a co-worker, you also may be protected under the law.
Quid pro quo
Where do i report Sexual harassment
any questions?
Questions or comments?
Martha works at McDonalds, and files a complaint to the Human Resources Department. She states the fast food restaurants' manager had sexually harassed her by smacking her butt often while working.
You can report sexual harassment to the Human Relations Department of Kansas city, Missouri only if your employer is in Kansas City, Missouri.

report it
Otherwise, you can report it to the equal employment opportunity commission (eeoc).
report it
deal with it
dealing with it
Human Resources
City of Kansas City Missouri Human Relations Department Civil Rights Division
human relations department
414 E. 12th street kcmo 4th floor
phone: (816) 513-1836
fax: (816) 513-1805
w w w . k c m o . o r g / c k c m o / d e p t s / h u m a n r e l a t i o n s d e p a r t m e n t
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