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Joseph and Mary

No description

Bryson Perkins

on 30 August 2015

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Transcript of Joseph and Mary

Father of Jesus
Mother of Jesus
Joseph and Mary
Mary- in Today's world
Seen as "the unexpected mother"

Or the "Mother of a very talented/ promising child"

In books and films
Mary and Joseph in today's world
The "young married couple"

The couple who comes into inheritance/ blessings

In today's books and films
Joseph- In today's world
Seen as the "father trying to provide for his family

In today's books and films.
Joseph and Mary
Earthly father of Jesus
Gave birth to Jesus, although was still a Virgin
Told by angel Gabriel that she would bear a son
Socially rejected for being pregnant, and ridiculed for claiming to be pregnant with the savior.
Carpenter, taught Jesus his trade
Had Jesus in a Barn, the inn was full
Saw her son whipped and hung on the cross
Subject of worship in many catholic churches as the mother of Jesus
Mrs. Harrison is the best
Works Cited
Matthew 1-2

Luke 1:26-28

Eugene Peterson. “Holy Bible. The Message (MSG).” iBooks.
Fulfilled multiple prophesies about the birth of Christ in the Old Testament
Moved from Judah to Egypt and back
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