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01.04 The Golden Age of the 21st Century Honors Assessment

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Kiara Blanco

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of 01.04 The Golden Age of the 21st Century Honors Assessment

01.04 The Golden Age of the 21st Century Honors Assessment
by Kiara Blanco

In today's time, we have the production of food. The only way we could've had some of the food products we have today is trading that we do with different countries. In our economy system there are expansions withing the system. We also have natural resources that we have gotten from other places. We were the same like the Golden Age of Islam. In the Golden Age a vast trading network was created to help with religion, culture, and many other things. The trading system had new business practices such as partnership, the use of credit, and banks to exchange currency. It helped with intellectual and cultural purposes like today's. These trade networks helped establish the Islamic Empire. Trade is a really important part in in today's economy as well. Without these trade networks we wouldn't have some of the things we have today.
Medical, Technological, and Scientific Contributions
In America, hospitals and other medical places have been constantly created to help everyone in need of help whether they're sick or hurt. There has also been a lot of potential cures that could help with people who have become very sick. During the Golden Age of Islam, lots of cures and medicines were created with islamic practices. In this day, physicians and pharmicists are required to pass exams to be able to treat patients. The same was for the Golden Age of Islam. They were needed to pass exams to treat patients and hospitals were created to treat trauma cases which is today's emergency rooms.
Our governments organizations and our laws are similar to those of the Islamic Golden Age. Islam developed a law based on the book of Qu'ran and was created to help people apply the book to everyday life situations. Islam developed a system of laws based on their holy book. Just like us today we base our laws on a government system. We use laws just like the Golden Age of Islam to help us with everyday life situations.
Artistic and Intellectual Achievements
The Golden Age of the 21st century compared to the other times is tremendous. In this Golden Age many people from all over the world are now allowed to come together in the same classroom and learn together. Before this, people that were not the same race or color were not allowed to be together any where including schools.
In today's time we have plenty different designs including but not limited to floral designs. We also have geometric shapes everywhere. For example, in churches or business buildings etc. In the Golden Age of Islam shows how geometric shapes were used and how the in every pattern the details were very important to how they showed. According to the teachings of the Qu'ran, Islamic artists were not allowed to use human figures in religious arts because they did not want to 'idol worship' and stay true to Allah. They used geometric shapes or patterns to creat religious buildings known as mosque. Usually these geometric shapes used a Qu'ran writing known as caligraphy. As Islam, we too use different patterns and shapes to creat our buildings as shown above.
People from all over the world came together to study the islamic ways and their teachings. Islamic scholors studied the science the rotation of the planets, eclispes, and calculated much more. Islamic scholors created psychology, explained how eye vision works, and created the scienctific method. Lots of inventions are still being thought of in America today. Just like before in the Golden Age of Islm lots of inventions were being made by Muslim engineers and inventors. Some inventions including camera obscuras, shampoo,different kind of acids that we use in today's foods, and many more inventions we still use in modern times.
Social Developments
In America we have many different cultures come together in many different places with different languages used to communicate to one another. For example, we have the hispanic culture that uses the spanish language to create converstion. We also have the main language of English to communicate with other people even if it has to do with business, economic reasons, or just to have a fun conversation. English along with many other languages are very important to taday's social developments.
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