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Promotion- Communication Mix 1

No description

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Promotion- Communication Mix 1

Promotion- Communication Mix 1
Promotion Mix Strategies
Three types of appeals used in marketing communication messages
Rational appeals

Emotional appeals

Moral appeals

Audience's self interest
Show how the product produce the desired interest
Focus on the consumer’s need for practicality and functionality in a product
For example: product’s quality, economy, value or performance
1. Rational Appeals
Example of Rational Appeals Advertisement
Advertisement about product's quality
Example of Rational Appeals Advertisement
Advertisement about product value
2. Emotional appeals

Negative or positive emotions that motivate purchase
Use emotional appeals ranging from love, joy, and humor
Rational Appeal Advertisement video clip
Emotional Appeal Advertisement
3. Moral Appeals
Directed to the Audience' sense of what is right and proper
Used to urge people to support social causes and ethical issues
For example: Cleaner and safe environment,
Social Awakening and Justice,
Protection of consumer rights
Moral Appeal Advertisement
Three Different Advertisement
For Honda Product
Honda Rational Appeals Advertisement
Honda Emotional Appeals Advertisement
Honda Moral Appeals Advertisement
Honda Rational Appeals Advertisement
In this video it talks about:
Features and function of Honda's Car
Pandora Compatibility
Navigation with FM traffic
USB Audio Interface

Show the Value, Performance and Quality

This advertisement attempt to prove the Honda Car's quality and usefulness to audience
Honda Emotional Appeals Advertisement
In this video :
It uses emotional appeals of love
The love between mother and son
Stir up the positive emotion
Honda Moral appeals Advertisement
This video shows about:

Eco-friendly of Honda' hybrid car
Naturally Driven
contribute in saving the planet
urge the people to support ethical issue
Promotion Mix
(Marketing Communication Mix)
The specific blend of
advertising, public relations, personal selling, sales promotion, and direct-marketing
tools that company uses to persuasively communicate customer value and building customer relationship.
Push strategy
"Pushing" the product through marketing channels to final consumers.
Marketing activities are primarily
personal selling and trade promotion
Push versus Pull Promotion Strategy
Pull strategy
Producer directs marketing activities (primarily
consumer advertising and sales promotion
) to induce final customers to purchase.
Peanut butter- Lady's Choice
Thank You. :)
Considerations in Designing Promotion Mix Strategies
Type of product/market
- B to C
- B to B

Product life cycle stage
- Introduction
- Growth
- Maturity
- Decline
- Convenient goods
- Implements both push and pull strategies
Eu Yan Sang
- the value and quality of product such as no preservative, no artificial flavoring.

- tell consumers the benefits associated with the purchase of their product.
- It uses the emotional appeal of happiness.

- Buyer can share their happiness with their friends by sharing a coke.

- It attempts to stir up the positive emotion (happiness) of audiences that can motivate them to buy their product.
- In this advertisement, it urges people to support the ethical issue of saving environment.

- We can save the environment and reduce the pollution

- By "reuse" the Tupperware to "reduce" the plastic bottle.
Push versus Pull Strategy
Human beings are emotional creatures
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