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Who is the real antagonist of The Great Gatsby?

No description

Margaret Giddings

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Who is the real antagonist of The Great Gatsby?

Antagonists vs Villains in Other Literature
The character or entity who tries to stop the protagonist from getting what they want
What is an antagonist?
Villain- Bootlegging
. Story, Allegory
. Background- Criticism
. Moral corruption
Daisy or Tom
Margaret Giddings p, 4
Who is the real antagonist of The Great Gatsby?
Antagonist vs. Villain
Villain- Tom or Daisy
Antagonist- ???
The Hunger Games
Harry Potter
Star Wars
Villain stereotype
Directly stops Gatsby
Character traits
Directly stops Gatsby
Sets himself up
Daisy on pedestal
Memory vs Reality
Recreating Past
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