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Book Report: Obssesed


Jonathan Pierce

on 16 October 2009

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Transcript of Book Report: Obssesed

Book Report: Obssesed Presentation by: Jonathan Kierspe
Book by: Ted Dekker Tedd Dekker was born on October 24,
1962. He lived among the headhunter tribes
of Indonesia because his parents were missionaries. When he left Indonesia, he went to college in America and majored in philosophy and religion. He wrote his first book in the early nineties. It was then that he realized writing was what deeply satisfied him. The story takes place in two different time periods and countries. In one setting, there was Stephen, an American realtor. He was an orphan from the Holocaust who had never been able to find his mother. Roth Braun was Stephen's protagonist. He was a former Nazi General looking for revenge. This was around 1973.
The other setting was in Poland during the Holocaust (1944). The main characters in this setting were Martha and Ruth, Nazi army prisoners. They were also both pregnant. Their protagonist was Gerhard. He was a Nazi General who ran the consentration camp that Martha and Ruth were being held captive in. Characters Setting Stephen: "For all his ambition, the lad was actually quite sensitive. He tried to cover up the deep wounds of a hapless past, but no spin could change what had happened. Stephen would and always be a war child: subject of all worlds, master of none (Ted Dekker, 27)."
Roth Braun: "Roth imagened a Jew stepping into a delicing shower and let himself relish the horror he might feel in that moment of realizing that more than lice were meant to die in this chamber (Ted Dekker, 3)."
Ruth and Martha: "They were both Jews. they had both lost their husbands and their homes. they were both young--Ruth twenty-five and Martha thirty-two... (Ted Dekker, 38)"
Esther: "The same hair, flowing gracefully past smooth cheeks. the same disarming eyes and the same small nose. She was petite, no more than a couple of inches over five feet (Ted Dekker, 400)." Antagonists:
a. Gerhard- "In fact, I am almost always in a bad mood. There is no need to exasperate me (Ted Dekker, 45)."
b. Roth- "The only living soul he despised more than the Jew who'd stolen his power was Gerhard, who had allowed the Jew to steal his power (Ted Dekker, 3). " Protagonists:
a. Stephen- "Sickness and death, and lots of buried Jews...He would do anything to prevent Ruth's and Esther's names from being added to the long list (Ted Dekker, 475)."
b. Ruth- "She walked up the aisle, took the scarf in her hands... Now the scarf is on my bed. I will go (Ted Dekker, 235)."
c. Martha- "Martha smiled as best as she could and placed her hand on Ruth's... Human touch was all the young woman seemed to want (Ted Dekker, 36). "
d. Chaim- "The call from his brother, in forming him that Stephen was coming to America, had been one of Chaim's brightest moments... It had been a pleasure to help Stephen, no longer a child, find his feet (Ted Dekker, 28)."
Conflicts 1. Stephen vs. Roth
Man vs. Man
External: "The blow came out of nowhere, a sledgehammer that crashed into his head and sent him reeling back to the floor... he though, that was Braun (Ted Dekker, 424)." 2. Martha vs. Gerhard
Man vs. Man
External: "She would be hanged tonight, before her child was born (Ted Dekker, 234)" 4. Ruth vs. Roth:
Man vs. Man
External: "If you look at your mother's palms, you'll see a scar. She's been cut before (Ted Dekker, 472). "

3. Esther vs. Roth:
Man vs. Man
External: "I'm just going to cut you, Esther (Ted Dekker, 472)." Summary My Favorate Part My favorate part of the story is when Stephen meets Melissa and Sweeney. I think this is my favorate part of the book because I find Sweeney's hippy personality very entertaining. He uses the word groovy multiple times throughout his part in the book and I find it extremely humorous. Literary Tricks 1. Alliterations:
"His Iterest in the Stones of David had been started by his foster father (Ted Dekker, 33)."
"Soldiers lined a road beside the tracks, rifles slung, some staring causally, others smoking (Ted Dekker, 42)."
"Perhaps being treated as cattle on a cattle car had been better. " 2. Onomatopoeia:
"...and there was this constant clank, clank, clank of railroad tracks below them... (Ted Dekker, 35)"
3. Simile:
"... a crude half circle with three points inside it, like a half- moon some creature had taken a bite out of (Ted Dekker, 34)." 4. Hyperbole:
"Life flooded her skin and reached into her soul (Ted Dekker, 48)." Exposition Rising Action It starts in Los Angeles during 1973. Stephen is a realtor looking at some land. He lives with Chaim, a "rabbi." Stephen is an orphan fromt the Holocaust. He finds out his mother is Rachel Spitzer, who just donated a stone of David to a museum. He looks in her house to see if she hid anything for him and he finds a floor safe. Before he can get into the safe, Roth Braun, a Nazi villain, baught the house and started a search of his own for the stones of David. Stephen incessantly tries to get into the house, even after Roth threatened him and kicked him out. He finally gets into the safe, and dissapionted, he figures out that the stones arent there, but a journal with all the Jewish women Roth and Gerhard had killed. Stephen gets captured by Roth and Roth says that Esther is alive in Germany. Stephen escapes and races to Germany to save Esther. Stephen finds a picture of a girl named Esther. He immidiatly falls in love with her. He finds Esther and they try to kill Roth to end it all. Esther gets captured and Stephen gets knocked out. Stephen goes after Roth to save Ruth and Esther They find out that Ruth, Esther's mother is still alive Stephen and Roth fight to the death.
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