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The Globe

No description

Noel Imbriale

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of The Globe

Construction and Reconstruction Originally built in 1598
Rebuilt in 1614 Seating Arrangements Closed by Puritans in 1642
Demolished in 1644
Globe remains discovered 1989 Today's Globe, called Shakespeare's Globe, opened in 1997. The Globe Theatre The Groundlings Commoners paid 1 penny to enter the pit/yard of the theater
Interacted with the performers The Gentry People of a higher social class sat in the galleries The Nobility Nobles sat in privileged sections of the galleries Building Layout Amphitheater - an oval or round building with tiers of seats around a central open area The Gallery - the three tiers
of wooden seats The Yard/Pit - the open space in front of the stage, standing room only The Heavens - the ceiling above the stage Questions? On the back of your ticket and in full sentences write 3 Things you found out 2 Interesting things 1 Question you still have Shakespeare: 1564 - 1616
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