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How to Make Decisions

Main Steps to make a hard decision easier to make :)

Ana Lopez

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of How to Make Decisions

Step one: Identify the decision to be made A clear statement will direct your thoughts in the right way. Step two: list the alternatives Think of all the choices that are possible for the decision you must make. These are called alternatives. Step three: Consider advantages and disadvantages Write down all the pros and cons of each alternative. Step four: Choose the best alternative Making a choice means deciding what is the best for you and perhaps those around you. Step five: Put the decision into action Once you made a decision, you should put it into action. Set yourself a goal after spending so much time on making it! Step six: Analyze the results Perhaps the most important step in decision making, and the one most often ignored is evaluating the outcome of the decision. Your decision should reflect the measure of importance you assign to each factor Making Decisions Keep an open mind during this step and give some thought to each alternative, no matter how silly or impossible it may seem first Test your decision step by step - imagine that you have already made a choice. This preview method may reveal unexpected traps Take into consideration all facts and options as well as your values. Too often, made decisions are never carried out. Following through on a decision once it is made is a sign of commitment and determination. Analyzing the results of your decisions will help you learn to make better ones in future. Explore: what should I eat for lunch? what career should i choose? where do i want to live? You are #1 ! What should i wear today? what college should I go to? Obamas talk about Decision Making/ Leadership Ellens Monologue about
Decision Making Tips for Decision Making
- Leadership Making Decisions
- High Level thinking what worked? what didn't? What would you do differently next time? Pro and Contra List Tree Mind Map Important** Choose a process that it works best for you! decisions... decisions.. Activity: ABC's
-Make a list of all things you do after you wake up.
GO! you have 2 minutes and remember....
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