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American Red Cross

No description

Paul Haupt III

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of American Red Cross

It began
like many great
A meeting of two teams
who could help,
learn from,
and enrich each other
American Red Cross was looking for a partner
to redefine the online experience
Empathy Lab was an expert in designing customer experiences that achieve business objectives
and meet end user needs
Together we have reinvented
digital in the non-profit space,
creating a world-class
We launched the new
in August of
And its performance
has been very
Raised over $140 million since launch
Had over 17 million visitors since launch
Broke Oracle eCommerce records during Sandy
Average daily visits more than doubled
Daily donation revenue nearly tripled
But the launch was merely a
Testing and optimization workshops
Conducted research including usability and hallway tests, and surveys
Evaluated and implemented an optimization tool
We've projected $1.4 million
in incremental revenue
from optimization opportunities
We’ve brainstormed
big concept visions
Global Giving
Tribute Donations
Biomed Loyalty Program
Seasonal Pop-up Stores
And developed
impactful ways
to produce and present our strategic expertise
Strategic immersion workshops
Brainstorm sessions
Point of view documents
We also deliver
daily blocking
and tackling
Over 1000 backlog items prioritized and reduced by 45%
500 bugs and enhancements delivered since launch
200 Aspots, 50 Bspots designed and delivered
Created a visual identity for ARC apps,
delivering 10 app icons and 60 site icons
Our subject matter
allow us to be
We can pivot and respond
when new
Backlog scoping, estimating and delivery, even for hot fixes
Collaborating with BBDO, Digital Engagement, and ARC Integrated Marketing
Story Holiday Campaign delivered in less than a month
RedCrossBlood design concepts
PHSS acceleration efforts
Strategic Initiatives
Global Giving
Special Events
1-Click Donations
Ad hoc reporting
Daily dashboard calls and analysis
Enhancing the team with experts
focused on testing and optimization
We've expanded our Strategic Consulting Services
What started
as collaboration
based on customer experience design has
Together we rose
to the occasion when
Sandy hit

Customized reporting
Site graphics
Content consulting
Corporate partner support
Teams we work with
by touching many lines of business
Like many great
ours isn’t
The true sign of a successful team
is the ability to collaborate to find solutions when challenges arise
Defining and developing new processes to support
an evolving American Red Cross team
Turning raw data into actionable information
Making sure we prioritize at a high level,
while handling the day-to-day
As we head into Q4 FY2013, we’ll continue
to build on our strong foundation
Reach full testing velocity
Gather requirements for Global Giving
Ramp up R&D efforts for PHSS, Mobile / Tablet, and 1 Click and Tribute donations
Our partnership is poised
to keep
Thank you for your trust and partnership.
We are honored to be a member
of the American Red Cross team.

customer experience
challenges arise
American Red Cross
EPAM Empathy Lab
During Sandy
Digital Engagement
Consumer Marketing
We support mission delivery
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