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Teaching Teachers D2L

No description

Rich Copeland

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Teachers D2L

Rich Copeland
Manager of Teacher Quality
Georgia Virtual Learning Teaching Teachers Desire2Learn Georgia Virtual School GaVS is an innovative, online educational program, housed under the Georgia Department of Education. Offers students an accredited high school curriculum and services approximately 18,000 enrollments The school’s vision centers on providing all students with quality learning, innovative educational opportunities, and heightened student achievement.The faculty comprises of over 200 adjunct instructors, certified in a variety of academic disciplines. Background:
Who are you training? New Instructor's Preparation Course 2012 Teachers with online experience
Graduate Students
Online Programs - Higher Ed Training Tracks NIPC - Full semester
Acclimate to environment/workload
Expensive FUTURE Open online teacher training as prerequisite
Multiple Threads Most teacher started with no online experience
Exceptional classroom instructors

LMS Platform/GaVS
Practice Course
Student Teaching
D2L Self-Paced Course

12-14 weeks - comprehensive Growth Nearly 20% per semester for years
Flexibility Target Training to type and need. New teacher type Desire2Learn 10.0 Expedited Training Course - 4-6 weeks
GaVS Policy
Practice Course verification
Best practices/remove Big Picture Fast Track - 2 weeks intensive
Prior LMS experience
Full Support TTS D2L Experience 5 years and an instructor at GaVS
2 years as an administrator

1 semester as professor at AASU
1 semester as graduate student at GSU MOOC/OOTT/TOE Essentials Participate - DC/professionalism
Navigate - LMS universals/ Best Practices
Communicate - key to online success
Create - Content
Evaluate - analytics/assessment
Teacher Training - Developing Courses Certification course
Course development office
Flagship courses; programs; professors
Highlight successes
Teach efficiencies
Research new tools
Online Faculty Development Replication is a huge mistake. Trying to translate traditional pedagogy online tends to fail. Online Learning offers more consistent written communication – Correlations with discussionsAuthentic, meaningful interaction – new type of students.Participation necessary for functional classroom.Facilitation of social learning. Intellectual CommunityCore experience of adult learners, especially at AASU - need for flexibility. Maintaining standards – mastery.Analytics – revolution in learning and making meaning out of results21st Century Skills - prepares students for
future requirements of the workplaceLearning styles – tools available for augmenting
educational experienceAssimilates advancements in technology
– cooperation and finding solutions.
Strengths of Online Learning Professional Development Professional Learning Community - Edmodo
Monthly Focus based on Evaluation Rubric
Synchronous Sessions - Best Practices

Professional Learning Symposium
June 20, 2013 Athens

Quality Assurance Program
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