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The Apache Indians

No description

Dena Statum

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of The Apache Indians

The Apache Indians
Name: Sophia Trombley
School: John S Jones
Teacher: Mrs.Statum
Date: November, 2013
Geographic Features
The Apache Indians lived in the deserts of Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. There were plateaus, mountains, plains, and canyons. The land was very hot and dry, so there was no growing season.
Fun Fact:
The Apaches were the first tribe to ride horses!
The Apache Indians lived in wick-up homes made out of wood, buffalo skin, and brush.
They were temporary homes, so as soon as they got fresh materials, the women made new houses.
The Apache Indians` clothes were made of buffalo skin or linen cloth. The women wore dresses and the men wore leather skirts, and breech clothes. On special occasions, the Apaches painted their faces,wore bunny tails, and put on ribbons.
The Apache Indians were hunters and gathers. The men hunted buffalo, deer, antelope, elk, turkey, and fox. The women gathered nuts, seeds, and fruit.
The Apache government was run by a chief. The chief was chosen by the tribe council. Most decisions were made by the tribe council, so the chief did other important things like talking to other tribes and signing documents. All council members had to agree in order to make a decision.
Special Traditions
The Apache Indians` culture and traditions were very important to them. Storytelling was especially important to them. They told legends and fairy tales. They made bead work and baskets, danced the dance of the sun, and took baths in lakes to "clean the spirit".
Famous Native American
One famous Apache is Geronimo. Geronimo was an Apache war hero. He was born June, 1829. In 1858, a Mexican soldier killed his mother, wife, and children which caused him to fight the Mexicans even more fiercely. Geronimo died February 17, 1909.
Wrap Up

Apache Facts
Apache Clothes
Buffalo Images
Apache Indians
I believe The Apaches are truly fascinating. They were not only fierce warriors, but strong people in general. They dealt with shortages of food, harsh temperatures, oppression, and much more. The Apaches never gave up , and to me that is inspiring. The Apache indians were honestly amazing.
The Apache Indians!
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