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A Mangrove Forest Food Chain

The food chain of the Mangrove forest.

Selena Al-Bazoni

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of A Mangrove Forest Food Chain

The Mangrove Forest food chain begins with... Mangrove Forest Food Chain...
By: Selena Al-Bazoni The Sun.(: The sun give the energy to the the producers that the animals consume. The producers. Primary Consumer The primary consumer like Gossamer Winged Butterfly, consumes the Mangrove Apple. Secondary Consumer The secondary consumer like the Dog Faced Water Snake consumes a primary consumer like the Grosser Winged Butterfly. Tertiary Consumer The tertiary consumer like the Crested Serpent Eagle consumes the secondary consumer like the Dog Faced Water Snake. Decomposers... A decomposer in the Mangrove Forest food chain is the Weaver Ant... The producers like the Mangrove Apple gives energy to the animals that consume them. Endangered Animals. There is a lot of endangered animals like the Proboscis Monkey and the Mangrove Terrapin.
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