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Wednesday Wars Photo Essay

No description

Varshaa Dande

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of Wednesday Wars Photo Essay

The XVIth Olympiad Melbourne 1956
My first image is the silver medal for XVIth Olympiad Melbourne 1956 that Mrs. Baker won when she ran the women’s four-by-one hundred relay. Because of this, she knows how to run really fast. Using her knowledge, she taught Holling how he should properly do it. Holling had not known that Mrs. Baker even did anything other than being a teacher.
Photo Number One
Photo Number Three
Photo Number Four
My fourth image is cream puffs. The cream puffs played a significant role in Mrs. Baker’s character. They had shown that Mrs. Baker does not actually hate Holling’s guts at all. Instead they showed that Mrs. Baker truly cared for him. Here is what happened: Holling had finally gotten the cream puffs for the whole class. Then he set them on the window sill. After the class returned from lunch recess, a surprise awaited them. Sycorax and Caliban had gone all over the cream puffs. A week after that incident, Holling had only enough money to buy five cream puffs. When class returned from lunch recess this time, Mrs. Baker had bought them all cream puffs.
Photo Number Two
By: Varshaa Dande
Wednesday Wars Photo Essay
Mrs. Baker
Mrs. Baker is one of the main characters in the Wednesday Wars novel.
My second image is of Mrs. Baker’s pet rats, Sycorax and Caliban. They were a present to Mrs. Baker from Lieutenant Tybalt Baker. He had
Photo Number Five
My third image is of Mickey Mantle. He was Mrs. Baker’s brother-in-law. Mickey Mantle was known a great baseball player. He played in two teams throughout his sporting career, the
Thank You!
My fifth image is of the Vietnam War Draft Letter. Mrs. Baker’s husband, Lieutenant Tybalt Baker, had been given this kind of letter drafting him into the Vietnam War. This event had caused a lot of pain and worry to Mrs. Baker. The U.S. had been drafting them since 1948 till 1973. The draft letter was sent out to a lot of young men most of whom did not even want to be fighting in this war. So, about 60%
thought that the moment he had seen them, they needed a home. Though, that was when they were cute, little, baby rats. Now, they are big, fat, ugly rats. Around the middle of the story, the rats get loose in the school. Later, after a few more chapters, the two rats get smashed by a bus while chasing Holling. That was the end of them.
Joplin Miners and the New York Yankees. After his 12th World Series he got placed in the Hall Of Fame. Then at the age 64, Mickey Mantle died from liver cancer.
of these men had escaped from any military service. Years 1967 and 1968 were the years when the most troops were sent.
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