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Best Books

No description

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Best Books

Max Foote
The Boxcar Children changed my life It was the first series I was really in to. It was short sweet, and a great entrance to reading. The book series's main characters are these four children, newly made orphans who do not want to be with an uncle who they do not know, so they escape. They find a boxcar in a forest. And they live life without parents
Bucket List Book!
Life as We knew it is an amazing Sci- Fi that changed my view on dystopian. In the book, a meteor hits the moon and everything goes wrong. Power outages, tsunamis, and volcanoes start erupting turning the situation bad to worse!
Want to reads!
"Over and over I tell myself one thing: never fall down. On a subject I had never heard of before this book, i found this book very informational and very pleasing to the mind, based on the true story of Arn Chorn- Pond
This is the trilogy that made me love books. The first novels over 400 pages I had read, these books are a lot more than just books to me. A story of an orphan turning into a hero in a fast paced adventures.
I enjoyed the Hunger Games because it was an interesting comparison between past empires (Rome) and a potential future society. It made me think about how we all fight for life, whether we realize it or not.
The Giver takes place in a future society that seems all too perfect and few people remember the past. The main character is chosen to become the new Giver, the person who learns and remembers the past. It is the kind of story than can be happy or sad, depending on what you think. It is on my list because it felt like a whole new genre that I had never discovered.
The Little Prince is one of the most unusual stories I have ever read. I was as if I was in someone else's dream, jumping back and forth between miniature planets. The story is confusing and fascinating at the same time. I recommend this book because its unusual style challenged my skills to interpret, therefore making fun to read.
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