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Essay Writing

No description

Lucy Griffiths

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Essay Writing

Essay Writing Essay Planning Planning an essay is important, and can get you extra
marks if you don't have time to finish your real essay. What might a good essay
plan look like? Discuss the role of the soloist in jazz. What would be expected of them? In what ways did the role change over time. Refer to examples from at least 2 of the jazz recordings you have studied. Point, Example, Explanation
(PEE) This is a great way to structure each of your paragraphs;
it guarantees that you remember to give relevant examples, and explain them properly.
Fix it... I think that 12-bar blues is mostly used in Jazz songs. When you listen to songs by singers like Ella Fitzgerald, you can hear that they use it. Some Jazz songs don’t use 12-bar blues though, because later on it wasnt popular anymore. Other pieces that use 12 bar blues might be Koko. Later on when other styles of jazz developed the 12 bar blues didn’t come about any more. It could look like this... The 12 bar blues is a form commonly used in jazz music. Examples of singers who might use the 12 bar blues structures include Ella Fitzgerald. One example of a piece that I have studied which is based around the 12 bar blues structure is Koko by Duke Ellington, who uses 7 choruses of the 12 bar blues throughout the piece. The 12 bar blues was popular amongst jazz musicians, although later on when new genres of Jazz were emerging (eg. Bebop), musicians began to stray away from the style. Your essay plan shouldn't take more more than 5-10 minutes; remember that the real essay is what's going to get you the big marks. Always find out what the question is really
asking you. Introduction: work out what the question is asking you, and make a general statement about this. Finish with an 'In this essay I will discuss...' sentence.

Paragraph 1: Make your first point here. This essay question has made it easier by splitting the question up for you. Give an example.

Paragraph 2: Second point. Remember the examples.

Paragraph 3: Final point- this could be one of your own ideas in this case WITH evidence. Conclusion: Sum up the essay- what have you learned-
in this case sum up how the role has changed. Try
to finish with something punchy. POINT: Make the point that you are trying to make in this
paragraph here. E.g.One traditional opinion is that opera was invented by the theologians, musicians and intellectuals of the Florentine Academy who started to meet from the 1570’s. EXAMPLE: Back up your point with evidence. E.g. This Camerata (headed by the patron Count Bardi) was just one of many meeting places in Florence where the group would gather and discuss the arts. EXPLANATION: Show how the evidence you just gave backs up your point. E.g. The academics decided that it was important to try to recreate the effects of classical Greek tragedy in modern musical performances with the same emotional capacity that these stories contained, and it said that these discussions of the tragedies lead to the first operas. Write this essay now:
(you can use your books) Discuss the role of the soloist in jazz. What would be expected of them? In what ways did the role change over time. Refer to examples from at least 2 of the jazz recordings you have studied. When you have written the first paragraph of your
essay, swap with someone else and give them
feedback on their writing. Finish the essay for
homework and I will mark it.
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