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A Golden Age: Three West African Empires

No description

Ashley Whitfield

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of A Golden Age: Three West African Empires

3 Advantages of Centralized Military and Political Power
In World War 1, Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottaman Empire were the three central powers
University Of Sankore
The University Of Sankore is located in Timbuktu, Mali. In West Africa.

Timbuktu, Mali
Timbuktu, Mali is really small. It is to be told that if a person walks from one end of it they would be on the other end in less than 20 minutes.
3 Advantages Of Having A Written Language
1. Able to carry on traditions to different generations
2. After the elders die, stories stay the same
3. Once the civilization has died out, other people can learn about culture
A Golden Age: Three West African Empires
The Ghana Empire began in 790 AD. It ended in 1235 AD
The Ghana Empire is 239,460sq km
It began in 1375 AD. It ended in 1598 AD
Beginning and ending dates
Extent of Geographical Area
Major Cities
Sources of Wealth
Mali is divided into 3 natural zones
*Or can be spelled Songhai
It is located in Western Africa. Southeastern Senegal, Northern tip of the Ivory cost ect. are sorrounding it
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