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Louis Vuitton

Management Project 2015

Dominika Kwolková

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Louis Vuitton

How did we get into Louis Vuitton
How Client Advisors are rewarded
finding the maximum of goods they are able to sell
no bonuses
cross selling method
visiting company factory
Why did we chose the Louis Vuitton company?
Remuneration of personnel+benefits
Hot stamps
Do not lose Client Advisors!
The best way to start a day is in the Louis Vuitton!
All together

with a cup
of tea or coffee
the day
Centralization and The Chain of Authority
Louis Vuitton headquarters in Paris
Sub headwaters in Switzerland
(regional management)
Louis Vuitton in Vienna
Louis Vuitton in Budapest
Louis Vuitton in Prague
Store Manager
Team Managers and Managers in training
Team of client advisors
Client advisers
Stock people
Design people
(placement of products in the store)
Goals of The Company
Code of Conduct
Innovation and Creativity
Excellence of Product Service
Brand Image and Enhancement
The most recognized fashion brand in the world
not rewarded by additional money
high salary

1854 - beggining of the brand
Khedive from Egypt, Isma’il Pasha, and the legend of travel – Pierre Savorgan de Brazza.
1997 - Marc Jacobs became the LV’s creative director
460 stores worldwide (in 50 countries)

2012 = 25.9 billion USD
2013 = 28.4 billion
No glass ceiling - women - 74% of all employees: top managers (62%)
the employment of people with disabilities
The median age of workers is 33
“young spirits”, “talent days”

Carrier development in Louis Vuitton

client advisors
Trainings – the crucial part of the innovation in LV
“Leather Artisans  School”
“leather crafts school”
“Regional Group Trainings (for local managers)
“Executive Development” (for high potential managers)
“Presidents Forums” (for senior managers)
senior managers
store managers
“Recruiting without discrimination”
“Managing without discrimination”
“Appreciating Differences”
every manager has to come through every position
managers in training
Louis Vuitton in Prague
If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to contact us via our email addresses.
Thank you
for your attention !

xkwolkovad@student.unyp.cz xrosikk@student.unyp.cz
xflaugnattim@student.unyp.cz xkuzmiakp@student.unyp.cz
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