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Early Farmers By: Charles-Henry Wache 5-3 Haverford School

No description

Charles-Henry Wache

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Early Farmers By: Charles-Henry Wache 5-3 Haverford School

Early Farmers By: Charles-Henry Wache 5-3 Haverford School
Farming was started by women and it was caused by the Ice Age. The ice melted leaving great moist land and fields.
Two early Farming areas.
Nile Vally, Africa, 8,000 years ago
Andean, South America, 9,800 ago
Two Negative effects of Farming
Rodents and animals/No food

Floods or droughts/Start over


Things that have changed

Things that are the same
Cultural foods
How Farming Happened
Why it Happened
Perfect Land
The Knowledge of planting
Two Farming Tools
Sickle-To cut down crops.

Quern- A grinding tool.
Two Positive effects of farming
You develop strong muscles to make work easier
Large variety of food
Thank You For Watching
Images from Google
Mr. Allman (teacher)
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