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Data Mining - Blue Book for Bulldozers (16:9)

No description

Will Cvengros

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Data Mining - Blue Book for Bulldozers (16:9)

Blue Book for Bulldozers Constantino Cervantes
William Cvengros
Jason Riebel
Michael Wintrode Auctioneers Sellers -
Contractors, Dealers, & Liquidators Buyers -
Construction Contractors Used Construction Equipment Goal

Tools Auction Price Prediction

Past Auction Data

Market Data

Data Modeling Past Auction Data

Market Data Past Auction Data All Variables
(53) Base Description (11)
Equipment Type
Model Condition (3)
Hours Operated
Usage Compared to Average Options (33)
Accessory Attachments Market (4)
Date of Sale
Sales Location
Auctioneer Output (1)
Sale Price World Price of Steel Index

Construction & Mining Machinery Manufacturer Revenue

Construction Equipment Wholesaler Revenue

US Values of Private Residential & Nonresidential Construction

CPI Inflation Data Preparation Original Data from

412,000+ Lines Merge Appendix Files
with Matlab &
Eliminate Obvious

360,000+ Lines

Initial Model Results Wheel Loaders Only

66,000+ Lines Valid Machine-Hour
Entries & Significant
Manufacturers Only

9,700+ Lines Sales since 2004

8,800+ Lines

Final Data Set
for Modeling Motor Grader Skidsteer Loader Backhoe Loader Equipment Type Track Excavator Track Type Loader Wheel Loader Data Modeling Results
Multi-Linear Regression

K-Nearest Neighbors

Regression Tree

Ensemble Methods Modeling Results Interpretations & Insights Most Significant Variables

Relatively High RMS Error Value

73rd Percentile on Kaggle Additional Improvement Non-sequential data partitioning

More robust modeling software

More information on reason for sale

Additional modeling techniques Questions? K-Nearest Neighbors Multi-Linear Regression Regression Tree Modeling Results EM - Bagging EM - Boosting
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