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Purchase and care of supplies and Equipment

No description

Rory Wallace

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Purchase and care of supplies and Equipment

Purchase and Care of
Supplies and Equipment Rory Wallace Determining supply and
equipment needs Level of program Demographics Frequency of use Finance Facility Guidelines for selecting supplies
and equipment Based on needs and demand Quality Budget and maintenance friendly Made by professional personnel Supply and equipment needs must
be accurately determined
using guidelines Guidelines for purchasing
supplies & equipment Supplies and equipment should be standardized Meet the organization's requirements
and have management approval. Purchase when possible
and practical Purchase from reputable business firms Guidelines for equipment room
and manager Responsibilities Proper maintenance, storage,care,
and cleaning of equipment Accountability for equipment Either ordering or giving recommendations
regarding supplies and equipment Supply and Equipment Room sufficient space, proper climate control,
and organization Equipment Manager: Jeff Kilburg School order forms Checking, storing, issuing,
and maintaining Guidelines for Equipment
and Risk Management Legal action All equipment should be inspected Supplies and equipment should be labeled Follow a procedure for checking
out or issuing supplies Store properly Clean anything worn by students Modification or misuse of products Failure to follow manufacturer's guidelines Inadequate instruction to participants related
to the use of the product or equipment Failure to warn participants, parents, or legal guardians
of the risk of participation with certain equipment Audiovisual Supplies and
Technology equipment Posters, wall charts, computer simulation
DVR, CD-ROM, WebCT, Blackboard Reasons for increased
use of AV materials Guidelines for selecting
and using AV aids Delivers instruction Provides instant feedback Scouting opponents Conducting in-depth analysis of
movement patterns Provide variety to teachers Enable the students to better understand concepts concerning
skills, events, games, and other experiences Increase motivation for students Provide an extension of what can be taught in class
ex: experience other cultures or world sports Provide a historical reference for PE and sports
ex: Magic Johnson, Lance Armstrong, Munich All AV material should be screened
The AV aids used should be directly related
to the material or topic being covered Slow motion or stop-action projections are best
when a pattern of coordination of movements
in a skill or strategy is to be taught Check for dependability, quality, and functionality AV equipment should be properly
maintained and repaired Questions Why is an equipment manager important to
a high school or college team? What factors are there to consider when ordering
new equipment and supplies? How would you design an equipment room? What do you think are the best AV aids
for K-2? 4-6? 9-12? Activity
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