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The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes Everything Under the Sun

No description

vy vo

on 5 December 2010

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Transcript of The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes Everything Under the Sun

The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes
Everything New Under the Sun MEMORIES Jessica and I were best freiend. That is
until Jessica left and came back with a different Jessica. She never even say she miss me. The only thing she likes now is boys,party,and her new friends. The old jessica use to hang around me,makes jokes and smilies faces. FAMILYS AND FRIENDS MY family and I are
like a hurricane.Inside my family
I have two trouble twin sister and
one little brother and me.
My friends are Bethany ,
Natalie and the old Jessica MY HEROS
My hero is my grandma
because she helps my cousion and me
to become good cousions.
I pick my grandma as my hero because
she is my favorite grandma and she helps me when I'm in trouble. MY FAVORITES The second favorite thing I like is the color purple.My whole room is like a grape because my room is purple. MEMORIES I AM ABBY HAYES My problem is that I am visiting my grandma for my birthday but my mom wouldn't let me ride the plane by myself. The second problem is that I am going to visit my cousion cleo but I don't know what she look like. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? MY HERO The most thing I wish to have is earring. Earring are pretty ,shiny.
even my twin sister have earring but my mom says I'm to yuong to have them.
HOW THE PROBLEM WAS SOLVE The problem got solve when cleo and me started to working togther on our writing project along with each other. Who help get the problem solve. The person who help get the two of us get along was Rebecca.She helps us get along by letting the two of us write a book into one book because we both wrote about the same subject. My second hero is Rebecca.Rebecca my writing teacher.She isn't really my teacher but a club teacher. She helps cleo and me get along by working on a writing piece. I WANT TO GO SEE MY GRANDMA. I SCARE TO SEE CLEO. BY VY VO THE END!
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