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This is what a black hole would look like because it bends t

No description

Nate Stober

on 15 February 2017

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Transcript of This is what a black hole would look like because it bends t

Space ship

Black holes
Most black holes are one million times more massive than the Sun.
Black hole core
There is a massive black hole in the center of each galaxy

First black hole
First black hole was found in the 1960 but we did not know it was a black hole

It was ten times more massive than then sun
How Are Black Holes Formed
Black holes are formed when a supernova
collapses in on it's self
Why we
did it
We did it because it was very mysterious and theoretical. We thought it would be interesting to learn more.

Black hole facts
By: Andrew, Nate, and Peter
This is what a black hole would look like because it bends the light around it.
Black holes can only be seen with X rays
How Big are They
Hello Earthlings
shipping and handling

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